This is what is Millie Bobby Brown as the Hollywood industry

Since the world saw Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things he has predicted a resounding success in his professional career due to his great talent. There is No doubt that from last year that debuted the series, all the protagonists began to be under the reflectors, and reached millions of followers on social networks in … Read more

The messages that have been uncovered that Millie Bobby Brown already has her first boyfriend

Like his character Eleven in the series Stranger thingsactress Millie Bobby Brown could be living his first teenage romance in real life next to the singer of 15 years Jacob Sartorius. According to the magazine Us Weeklythe two-star youth have spent a lot of time together over the past few months, and even say that … Read more

Natalie Portman showed that Millie Bobby Brown is his double from the future with this performance

Every day there is less doubt that Millie Bobbie Brown is the new Natalie Portman and not just because both were shown to have a great talent at an early age, but also have an undeniable physical resemblance. This was more than confirmed in a sketch performed by the actress of the Black Swan for … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown poses next to her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day | TV Show

Millie Bobby Brown (13) shared-in this Valentine’s Day a picture in which he looks happy next to your boyfriend. Through its account of Instagram, the protagonist of the Stranger Things he posed with the singer Jacob Sartorius (15). “Happy Valentine’s day, J”wrote the young actress, who characterizes Eleven in the success of Netflix. “Happy Valentine’s … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown (‘Stranger Things’, celebrated his birthday with a video recalling his childhood

Although it seems lie, Millie Bobbie Brown just turned 14 years old. Many people believe that the actress who plays Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’ appears more age they have, by including it in the list of actresses most sexy picture, not only for their finery on the red carpet if not also for his maturity … Read more

‘Millie By You’: Converse launches an exclusive collection with Millie Bobby Brown as the protagonist

CoverAdd-ons‘Millie By You’: Converse launches an exclusive collection with Millie Bobby Brown as the protagonist #CONVERSEXMBB Millie Bobby Brown joins forces with Converse in the release of a collection that pays homage to the things that you like to the actress: the whales and the ocean. By Sergio E. Gonzalez | 05 Aug 2019 Millie … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown (‘Stranger Things’) supports to the victims of the shooting of Florida with this gesture

This Sunday has been held in several cities of United States the ‘March For Our Lives’, a demonstration whose intent is to achieve gun control in the u.s. territory to prevent that register around massive fire fights in schools and public places, such as occurred on 14 February at an institute of Florida. Millie Bobbie … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown and Kim Kardashian finally met, and not to hide your excitement

Getty Images It seems that not only Jennifer Lawrence it is the only fan of the Kardashian, recently we discovered that Millie Bobby Brownalso is a faithful follower of one of the families most popular of the showbizz. Like it or not, the Kardashian’s are a guilty pleasure for many, and that is the case … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown referred to the infidelity of her boyfriend via Snapchat

It seems that the relationship between Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius has come to an end. The actress protagonist of Stranger Things you could have broken with the singer after discovering that it has been unfaithful through the platform of Snapchat. Apparently, Jacob asked for photos of nude girls through this social network, which … Read more