What Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman are the same person?

Getty Images Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman not only share a physical resemblance and the same profession, there are other details that make us think they are the same person: they started their careers at similar ages, they had to wear the same look by demands of the script… Could be mother and daughter … Read more

The message that shows the beautiful friendship of Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp, Eleven, and Will in ‘Stranger Things’

The second installment of ‘Stranger Things’ has obtained a total of 12 nominations in the Emmy awardsamong them, the Best supporting Actress in drama series for Millie Bobby Brown, who gives life to Eleven. Millie Bobbie Brown is the star of ‘Stranger Things’. You look where you look. Has broken the gender pay gap in … Read more

Instagram: Millie Bobby Brown looks like a model and users with the commend | Stranger Things | Series | netflix | Shows

Millie Bobby Brown, who gives life to ‘Rise’ in the number of Netflix he surprised all his fans with his new facet of professional. Has received the backing of his fans on Instagram. Stranger Things it was the great revelation of the 2016, due to the series of Netflix captivated millions of viewers, by offering … Read more

After criticized dating, Millie Bobby Brown announces breakup with Jacob Sartorius

Just a few months ago, the actress Millie Bobby Brownof 14 years of age, was the talk by revealing that he kept a courtship with Jacob Sartorius. It was just last Valentine’s Day when the protagonist of Stranger Things announced his relationship with the boy two years older than her. Immediately, he was the victim … Read more

Indignation collective behavior of Millie Bobby Brown at this announcement

Millie Bobby Brown it is without doubt one of the young actresses most quoted of the moment. His incredible performance of Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’ and their active struggle for equality have made her someone very much admired by young people all over the world. That’s why brand is so important as that Talk you … Read more

‘Stranger Things’: Millie Bobby Brown says goodbye with these beautiful words of her friend Sadie Sink – News series

Both actresses have become very good friend over the last few years. The recording of season 3, Stranger Things has recently been completed and, after so long, the young actors have seen their relationship strengthened more and more. In particular, Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink, are two cast members that see the end of … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown announces his retirement from the social networks

Digital Millennium Mexico city / 26.11.2018 12:03:34 Millie Bobby Brown announced that it will stop for a while your social networks to focus on the new film in which he is to participate. Like that Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian, the protagonist of Stranger Things announced on Instagram and will be removed in … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown is banned from attending the Met Gala

We have lived a great edition of the Met Gala; this 2018 had as its theme “Celestial bodies: the fashion and the catholic imagination” in the Metropolitan museum of New York. As every year, the organizing Anna Wintour the invitation to celebrities of music, film and other industries. This time it felt great absences as … Read more