Britney Spears makes sure to run the 100 meter dash faster than Usain Bolt | People

Pop star Britney Spears stunned in the social networks to ensure that he has run the 100-meter dash in 5,97 seconds, a mark that neither the current world record holder, Usain Bolt, has been able to register. According to the singer of “Toxic”, yesterday got to do this test athletic in 5 seconds for the … Read more

Britney Spears claims to have broken the record of Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash

The quarantine can be managed in very different ways, and there are people who are taking advantage of the confinement of a highly positive and beneficial. Those who have more free time on the hands may well invest in personal projects, development of new hobbies and a long etcetera. And singer Britney Spears seems to … Read more

LeBron, Alex Morgan, Usain Bolt and other athletes will be in the documentary Greatness Code Apple TV

Film and TV The series of 7 episodes is to premiere on July 10 Greatness Code to include episodes about LeBron, Brady, Bolt and Alex Morgan. Reuters / AP Apple TV points to follow in the wake of documentaries sports after The Last Danceby announcing that to create a series of 7 episodes called Greatness … Read more

LeBron James and Usain Bolt, the protagonists of the new documentary Apple TV+ | the USA | the US | united States | NNDC-NNES | Shows

Updated the 21/05/2020 at 11:12 LeBron James, Usain Bolt and Tom Brady will star in the upcoming documentary Apple TV+, “Greatness Code”, that in each episode recount a defining moment in the career of an elite athlete. The documentary series announced this Wednesday will be part of the catalog of television, the technology giant, who … Read more

LeBron James, Usain Bolt and Tom Brady, together in new documentary Apple TV+

LeBron James, Usain Bolt and Tom Brady will the next documentary Apple TV+, “Greatness Code“that in each episode recount a defining moment in the career of an elite athlete. The documentary series announced this Wednesday will be part of the catalog of television, the technology giant, who will pick up the interest aroused by documentaries … Read more

That sounds so “Fetch the bolt cutters”, the new album of Fiona Apple where she collaborates Cara Delevingne and their 5 dogs

RELATED VIDEO – Artists offer to meet them in exchange for donations for coronavirus (02:01) Only positive reviews you have received the new album of Fiona Apple, Fetch the bolt cutterstheir first album in eight years. The singer of 42 years began to create the 13 tracks that comprise in 2015. In an interview with … Read more

Fiona Apple returns with an intense new album: “Fetch The Bolt Cutters”

Fiona Apple released a new album after almost a decade. The renowned singer released on the streaming platforms “Fetch The Bolt Cutters“, the fifth studio album of their discography. The last thing that launched the singer was 8 years ago, their album “The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping … Read more

Fetch the bolt cutters: the triumphant return of Fiona Apple

Just reach platforms Fetch the bolt cutters (2020), the fifth studio album by Fiona Apple, who has been in charge of the production, and not threw a work of unpublished material from The Idler Wheel… (2012). There have been many years of searching for its preparation, as has been documented in 2015 the start of … Read more

Listen to the first album of Fiona Apple in eight years: ‘Fetch the bolt cutters’

MADRID, 17 Apr. (CulturaOcio) – Fiona Apple is releasing this Friday its long-awaited new album: ‘Fetch the bolt cutters’. This is their first album in eight years, since the 2012 launch of the visceral ‘The idler wheel’. In an interview she gave last month to the New Yorker magazine, commented that this new album is … Read more

Gisela Robledo: who is the girl that comes out in the spot with Messi, Serena, Bolt and Jordan?

Leo Messi, Usain Bolt and Serena Williams star in together Michael Jordan the latest ad for Gatorade, which is developed in the GOAT Campthe ‘secret lab’ to which are invited the best to become the most exalted of the story, always with the help of the superstars of soccer, athletics, tennis and basketball. On the … Read more