Jennifer Lawrence could star in a sci-fi film that Promises to break the box office!

The actress is still going strong in the film. Jennifer Lawrence it is one of the personalities of Hollywood that needs no introduction, for his prolific career in the world of the film speaks for itself. Who would know his role in the series “the Bill Engvall Show” has had the good fortune to lead … Read more

The director of “Birds of Prey breaks the silence on the numbers at the box office

Birds of Prey is the movie starring Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) after finishing with Joker | DC Comics / Warner Bros. Pictures The director of “Birds of Prey” Cathy Yan, broke his silence in the face of the perception that his film DC I had numbers in the box office “disappointing.” He sat down with … Read more

Greyhound, Tom Hanks, skip the box office and stays in Apple TV+

Greyhound is the film starring Tom Hanks inviting viewers to be part of the call Battle of the Atlantic, which bore the Allies against the powerful German submarines in the height of the Second World War. The film was scheduled to reach cinemas on the occasion of the Giving of the Fatherbut finally skip the … Read more

The 5 movies that were a failure at the box office in the last year

Some film productions that seemed to be a success ended up sinking at the box-office by the poor reviews received. SEE MORE CUÓRUM Morelia and Netflix Latin presented the tour’s digital short films by mexican LGBT Madrid, may 10 (EuropaPress).– With a 2020 unusual, since the crisis of the coronavirus will cause the figures of … Read more

The daughter of Will Smith, Willow Smith, will be locked in a box all day as an experiment | eint | Shows

Willow Smith he was locked in a box with your partner Tyler Cole as part of a trial to experience the anxiety. This is part of the art show called “anxiety” which they did with Cole for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. YOU CAN SEE Bad Boys For Life raises $ 400 … Read more

Criterion Collection released a box set of Bruce Lee and it is a kick of love

If you’re a great admirer of Bruce Lee you’re already jumping from excitement from the moment you saw the title of this note, because yes, Criterion Collection has just released a box of the master of martial arts whose name is Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits. We also recommend: This watch inspired in Bruce Lee … Read more

The box office in the five main Latin american markets, to detail

Film&Tv recently launched a section dedicated to analyzing the box office in Latin american through the data in the territories of Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Chile (you can read the first article here). Then, we continue reviewing what they gave of themselves in these markets in the month of February, before the outbreak international … Read more

VRUTAL / director of Birds of Prey, speaks of its failure at the box office

Birds of Prey has been a failure for Warner Bros at the commercial level. The director of the film. Carhy Yan has spoken in The Hollywood Report, how is disappointed by the agravioscomparativos and the negative messages put forward by some fans because of the perspective or the tone of the film. “I know that … Read more