VIDEO: Duki came out to defend paul in London and the controversy broke out

The statements of Duki revolutionized the networks and became on-trend to Lenny. Why is it a trend? Duki shared this week several stories that became viral in social networks. The musician said about the fight of paul London with Ovy on the Drums and Lenny Tavarez. Why is it a trend? “Lenny Tavarez”:By the stories … Read more

The muscles of Henry Cavill broke several of her outfits in the series ‘The Witcher’

We had already seen the british actor wearing the costume of Superman, as if his second skin is concerned, but this time it seems that Cavill has gone to the gym… To interpret the character of Geralt of Rivia in the series The Witcher it was pounding so much that in the end his physical … Read more

6ix9ine he got out of jail and broke records on Instagram and YouTube

Oddly enough the coronavirus came to him as ring to the finger to 6ix9ine: after two years a prisoner, managed to escape from prison several months earlier than planned because a judge felt that their status asthmaticus what was at risk in jail. And neither dull nor lazy, the ragman has already started to break … Read more

¡Insólito! Ex-boyfriend of Ariana Grande broke the silence

The ex-boyfriend of Ariana Grande, Pete, Michael Davidson, is not used to provide statements concerning your private life, for him the press, you should only be used if his career is about. Despite this, in this opportunity; the comedian Saturday Night Live, told a little about his relationship with the famous singer, and it lasted … Read more

Selena Gomez broke the jean just right there behind it And did not take long to photograph it!

In social networks, emerged an old photo of Selena Gomez during a press conference, and photos with the followers of the singer; but with new detail. He had broken the jean and look at it from what angle the captured! May 03, 2020 · 20:56 hs Selena Gomez enjoy your music, your family, and not … Read more

Robert Downey Jr. he broke his ankle during the filming of Iron Man 3

The accident during the filming of a movie happens all the time and is part of the normal. For this reason, the use of double specialized in action scenes is necessary and common for productions such as Marvel Studios. However, in Iron Man 3Robert Downey Jr. he wanted to participate in such scenes suffer a … Read more

Halle Berry tells of how a fighter of the UFC broke a few bones during the recording of his new film

He plays a fighter of mixed martial arts that passes for a crisis. The actress Halle Berry told this Thursday on ‘The Tonight Show’ your experience of working with a real fighter from the UFC, and admitted that he “broke some bones” during the recording. For his new film, ‘Bruised’ -where Berry, age 53, is … Read more

Oh the gall! In full quarantine Kim Kardashian broke the rules and did you took a vacation?

For your hard work daily, Kim Kardashian you are not used to stay long time in your house, reason, to comply with the quarantine is costing him a lot. Celebrity has commented on several occasions that it is very difficult to spend 24 hours taking care of their children because sometimes you do not know … Read more