Kendall Jenner waiver of the running of the bulls and goes on a trip with (is this your new boyfriend?) Devin Booker

Though it was rumored that Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons have been reconciled a few months ago and they had resumed their relationship, everything suggests that the american model has her eyes on someone else and it is nothing more and nothing less than another star of the NBA. What your name? Devin Booker And … Read more

Kim Kardashian: is Depressed by the running of the bulls? Uses the same pajamas ALL day

Kim Kardashian: is Depressed by the running of the bulls? Uses the same pajamas ALL day Kim Kardashian it is another of the celebrities that seem to be in a bad time due to the current quarantine coronavirus and that has left them locked in the house for weeks. From the Instagram of Kim Kardashian … Read more

You don’t quarantine! Kim Kardashian does this in the running of the bulls, and o MY GOD!

Something that matches the majority of the world on this pandemic, is that the best ally of these days is pajamas. But for Kim Kardashian it would not be so. The second of the sisters most famous of the entertainment always noted for carrying looks more elaborate and care. Related News Both in clothes, nails, … Read more

ESPN and Netflix broke record with the premiere of The last dance, the documentary of the Chicago Bulls

As happened in the years 80 and 90, Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls became the center of attention of the world, generating all kinds of rcords. Today, at almost 22 years of your last title and the hand of ESPN and Netflix, return to the first flat of the hand The last dance (The … Read more

The Last Dance: “Jordan, Michael Jackson and Beyonce, the kings”: the reactions to the documentary of the Bulls

The Last Dance The stars of the NBA have their first impressions Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Beyonce Haba lot expectacin to see the first two captulos de ‘The Last Dance’a documentary that shows the behind-the-scenes of the sixth ring for the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan in the 1997-1998 season. A campaign convulsed, by … Read more

Adventure and comedy to withstand the running of the bulls: The last two movies Jumanji streaming

Before the days went by and now the weeks go by. Quarantine to reduce the famous curve of the coronavirus continues, and even those who retain their occupations will exhaust the sources of entertainment. The large number of television services in streaming help to endure the cramped feeling that is eternal and on this occasion … Read more

“The world outside”, the improvised song of Alejandro Sanz from the running of the bulls

The quarantine has given him the perfect excuse to many artists to unleash their talent and to give joy to their supporters. Alejandro Sanz it is the example of this. Locked in your house and inspired by the situation in which we are living has composed a song, The world outsidea piece improvised that contains … Read more