Florida celebrates Earth Day with called to attend to the level of the sea

Florida is commemorating the Earth Day, this April 22, with a call to address the sea level rise due to global warming Florida commemorates the edition number 50 of Earth daycelebrated on the 22 of April, with the sunset view at the level of the sea, whose rise threatens to convert to 2.5 million people … Read more

Blue cross called “filthy” to the Puebla networks

Blue Cross called “filthy” to the Puebla through social networking, after the computer of the gaza Strip attempted to make bullying in the same scenario on the condition that it has been labeled as a team, “segundón”. With the meme of Robert Downey Jr. and the phrase “again this filthy”, the computer networks of Blue … Read more

Greta Thunberg called for a protest against climate change

The environmental movement Fridays for Future of Greta Thunberg called next to the groups 2020 Rebellion by the Climate Alliance and by the Climate to a manifestation “of lights and shadows” on Friday, April 24th 22 in social networks and from the balconies due to the quarantines affecting half the world’s population by the coronavirus. … Read more

The Uniko rebels and launches a strong topic called “The freedom has no price”

The reguetonero cubano The Uniko has taken advantage of this hard stage that is live because of the health crisis that has led to the spread of coronavirus to raise the voice on behalf of all their fellow citizens of the island who daily have to face innumerable difficulties and shortcomings. Luis Alberto Almanza Gonzalez, … Read more

Alexa Dellanos leaves her abdomen exposed and is called Barbie

Alexa Dellanos is an expert on the social networks and knows what he likes to his fans. The daughter of Myrka Dellanos you are about to pass the 2 million followers on Instagram. The dedication and effort of Alexa post pictures day-to-day has given him the opportunity to continue to grow fan base. Despite the … Read more

Oh rude!!! Sea of Regil called NACOS mexicans for this reason (VIDEO)

Oh rude!!! Sea of Regil called NACOS mexicans for this reason (VIDEO) Sea of Regilthe daughter of famous actress Barbara de Regil came back to surprise us in the social networks, but on this occasion, for having insulted the mexicans with a few racist comments in a video of TikTok. It turns out that several … Read more

José Eduardo Derbez called “Cul3ra” to Danna Paola Will there be a new remix?

José Eduardo Derbez called “Cul3ra” to Danna Paola Will there be a new remix? In his recent interview with the scorpion dorado, José Eduardo Derbez was questioned about if they ever had a romance with Danna Paola, not that the son of Eugenio Derbez she said no and in fact Danna Paola we had fallen … Read more

Max Brooks, author of ‘World War Z’, called for calm on the coronavirus

As recordareis, the movie ‘World War Z’ placed us in a scenario a little quiet since, due to a virus, the people is transformed into a zombie and there was no way to stop it. However, in its original version, the author of the book Max Brooks based the story on pandemics more realisticand the … Read more

Amanda Miguel called afflicted to sick with Coronavirus

Amanda miguel called afflicted to sick with Coronavirus The talented singer of ballads, argentina Amanda Miguel is in the eye of the hurricane, and that during his arrival at the airport of the Mexico city along with her daughter Ana Victoria was interviewed by different media of the country about their opinion of the newly … Read more