Greta Thunberg calls to virtual demonstration for sustainable management of the pandemic

Greta Thunberg, autoaislada for suspecting that you have Coronavirus from the 28th of march, wants to take advantage of, in commemoration of the day of the Earth day (April 22), to convoke the global partnership against climate change to a virtual demonstration on the 24th of march at 22:00, encouraging people to come out to … Read more

Kim Kardashian: North West calls his mother, who take care of their children and not their friends | eint | Shows

Kim Kardashian is usually very active on their social networks, especially in Instagram. The celebrity shares your day-to-day and their beauty products from the comfort of his mansion in Gourds, California, where it is going quarantine with their four minor children. In some live broadcasts it has been seen how the eldest daughter of the … Read more

Environmentalism attacks: Greta calls a ‘manifestation’, and Teresa Ribera wants us to move by bike

When the hardest phase of the landfill by the crisis of the coronavirus finished, the world will return to a new normal, that will not be the one that was in 2019. In the hospitality industry is to increase the controls, and social distancing, and in the transport of the bet by the bicycle is … Read more

Britney Spears calls ‘genius’ to his ex-Justin Timberlake and sends a message

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in photo of 2002. Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images Britney Spears is in quarantine and boring. The pop star surprised all his fans when he posted on Instagram a video where he remembered his ex. “This is my version of Snapchat or TikTok or what is cool that debámos … Read more

The Saga | Paul McCartney calls for closure of animal markets in China

In a talk recently that was of Paul McCartney, Howard Stern, the former beatle talked about the coronavirus. All the theories suggest that the coronavirus came from the city of Wuhan in China after a person eats soup of bat in a street market where you tend to prepare food with wild animals, in light … Read more

The children of William and Kate make video calls to queen Elizabeth II in quarantine

In addition to the queen Elizabeth llthe king Carlos Gustavo of Sweden he also gave a speech from the castle of Estenhammar, in Flen to lift the morale of the citizens in full health alert, and now his son, the prince Charles Philip of Sweden, will return to join the Armed Forces to combat the … Read more

BTS does go crazy Justin Bieber and the ARMY calls for collaboration

BTS does go crazy Justin Bieber and the ARMY calls for collaboration Justin Bieber has surprised the ARMY and to their own fans, because as has been sharing her day-to-day quarantine through social networks, but now it is something relating to the boys of BTS. It is noteworthy that the canadian singer suddenly becomes creative, … Read more

‘Teen Wolf’: Tyler Posey calls for a revival of the series, and other cast members join the cause

If you’re a fan of ‘Teen Wolf’, you’re out of luck, and if you don’t… already have an excuse to start watching it. The series, starring Tyler Posey in the role of Scott McCall, chronicles the adventures of a young werewolf who is still in the institute and he already has to deal with big … Read more