The Trump, Will Smith, Naomi Campbell, and Chris Evans, are involved in trafficking in persons: Anonymous | Express

 8:45 PM / May 31, 2020 Anonymous, was also apparent in a video, where they established their stance on police abuse in the united States, in which he died, George Floyd, a citizen of african-american, after being arrested and subjected to brutality. The network of Anonymous said that desmantelarán the network of corruption of … Read more

Anonymous binds to the Trump, Naomi Campbell and Will Smith with a network of trafficking of minors [Internacional] – 31/05/2020

Mexico city.- The international group of hacker Anonymous, known activism for social issues, only to reappear again in the network via a video that showed their position in regard to the most recent police abuse in the united States, in which he died George Floyd a citizen african-american, after being arrested and being subjected to … Read more

Mariah Carey, Naomi Campbell and Kanye West among the famous faces who condemn the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police

The death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer from Minnesota during a police intervention has sparked social protests across the US against the incidents of police brutality that suffer members of the african-american community in the country. Floyd was arrested for a non-violent offense of forgery, since apparently I would have … Read more

Naomi Campbell, Cardi B, LeBron James and more calling for justice for George Floyd

Getty Images Hate crimes towards african americans have not stopped in the united States. In Minneapolis, George Floyd died because of the pressure that a police officer put with the knees, on his neck, after to stop him in the street. Needless to say, Floyd was not resisting or attacking the cops. He asked for … Read more

Serena Williams jokes about not knowing her BFF Meghan Markle in a chat with Naomi Campbell

Serena Williams she was invited to her wedding with the prince Harry in 2018, was one of the attendees at your baby shower and even it was rumored that it could be godmother to her son Archie. But when they asked the tennis star by Meghan Markleassured that she had no idea who he was. … Read more

“My boyfriend gave me my first mobile phone to control myself”: Naomi Campbell remembers with Cindy Crawford your relationship toxic | Present, Fashion

With the fourth wave feminist beating still with force and in full by 2020 it is increasingly clear what relationships are healthy and which are not. If questioned, your clothes, your friends, or your outputs, and you want to know what you do, where you are and with whom at every moment, the alarm will … Read more

Naomi Campbell is protected in the coronavirus with a controversial styling that has sparked the criticism in the networks

The supermodel british Naomi Campbell it has taken very serious measures to protect against the coronavirus and has chosen an option quite drastic to avoid any contagion to the time of travel by plane. The top model of 49 years, published this week a few photos on the social networks with the outfit as featured … Read more