It doesn’t seem it! Carlos Rivera generated confusion among fans with his recent post on Instagram

The quarantine has prompted celebrities to share more with her fans, and Carlos Rivera he has understood it very well until the point of a publication that left without words to all his fans. The singer mexican decided to pull out of the trunk of memories a tender photo of her in her childhood, but … Read more

Carlos Rivera does a Britney Spears and shaving during the quarantine

“Things that one does in quarantine, what’s next?”, questioned the interpreter of “Losing the head”, their newest single along with Becky G and Peter Hood; of course, that the reactions did not wait and within all the compliments and comments it received, highlighted the of the conductive Cynthia Rodriguez, girlfriend of the singer, who seems … Read more

Carlos Rivera does a Britney Spears and shaving completely

Carlos Rivera made a Britney Spears and rapa in full, the singer left without encouragement to all your followers, then they share in your account Instagram a photography with a change of lookthat he himself made during this quarantine. In accordance with I Am Carmine, Rivera is shaved off completely due to the lack of … Read more

Carlos Rivera does a Britney Spears and shaving during the quarantine

© Instagram/Carlos Rivera. Carlos Rivera. The quarantine already has the edge of madness to some celebrities, a clear example is Carlos Rivera, therefore, in the purest style of Britney Spearsdecided to raparse. The singer shared the image with her followers, although some were surprised by the radical change of the artist. “Things that one does … Read more

Shakira is a graduate of philosophy and already believe in Carlos Marx

Shakira. Photo: Shutterstock Shakira is a graduate of a course of philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. Showed the diploma in social media and the internet exploded at the announcement, as the fans believe that the singer, after almost 20 years finally makes reference to one of their best songs: “I don’t Think”. Called attention … Read more

TREMENDOUS: Carlos Rivera revealed a great truth and nothing go back to being the same… what is it?

The singer Carlos Rivera not only stands out for its musical talent but also for overcoming adversity with height. Not long ago there was rumours and calm was aplastndolos all. The interpreter successes as I Am losing my head, I expected and many other ms gave a lesson very valuable insight into life as a … Read more