The videos of Juan Carlos I in a very compromising situation. New mess to view

March 20, 2020 (11:10 CET) The figure of Juan Carlos I is in the spotlight. Since some weeks ago several british media began to publish exclusive in explaining alleged irregularities committed by and collection of commissions on the part of the emeritus, the father of the king Felipe been seen as a perfect storm fell … Read more

The woman that brings out the colors of the reina Sofía counting the fat Juan Carlos I

March 18, 2020 (14:06 CET) The decision of the King Felipe VI stripping to his father, emeritus Juan Carloshas generated hundreds of comments in the higher spheres and in the media. And one who has talked about is the journalist Rosa Villacastinin a statement picked up by Vanitatis. The chronicler reveals that Juan Carlos “it … Read more

The “repulsive” video of Juan Carlos I (and hours) that puts Spain on a war footing

March 15, 2020 (10:48 CET) The scandal of the loa 100 million collected in fees and deposited into an account of Switzerland on the part of the king emeritus Juan Carlos I just is being treated in the media. As little as the effort that has been put Government of Pedro Sanchez in the investigation … Read more

Carlos Rivera WARNING on Coronavirus in Mexico with powerful message

Carlos Rivera WARNING on Coronavirus in Mexico with powerful message Carlos Rivera caused a great scandal among his followers after one of their publications more controversy on Instagram, where she shared a powerful message about the Coronavirus in Mexico, which has left us completely breathless. In this controversial video, Carlos Rivera he commented to his … Read more

The brutal legacy (in million of euros) that Juan Carlos I will leave to your children

12 of march 2020 (14:00 CET) The king Felipe and the Spanish monarchy is not that you are living precisely one of the best moments of its history. And is that, at the margin of the conflict between the king, his wife, as well as the different problems with his sisters the infantas Cristina and … Read more

Juan Carlos I addressed urgently. “We’re going to kill you!”. Last time in the Royal House

March 10, 2020 (14:30 CET) Is live hours of nervousness in the Royal House. And it is evident that the earthquake in the media that is being generated after the investigations of the prosecutor’s office switzerland environment the king emeritus Juan Carlos I is leaving very touched to the monarchy. Yes, the kings continue with … Read more

Juan Carlos I shouting with your child! Video pump. Anger ginormous (and not quite 24 hours)

March 09, 2020 (15:10 CET) We are living in days very difficult The Zarzuela. And that is, if you already until very recently, the relationship between king Felipe and his father king emeritus Juan Carlos I it was more distant, now, after all the news related to the emeritus, Felipe and John Carlos have finished … Read more

Darío Madrona and Carlos Montero, creators of ‘Elite’, on Carmuel: “In the third season are going to suffer”

Less than a week so that we can sink my teeth into the third season of ‘Elite’, which arrives on Netflix this march 13. After talking with the cast and to tell us what we’re going to be able to see on their characters, the turn of the creative minds behind this smash hit, Darío … Read more