Jaden Smith has the garment more comfortable to 2020 (that is trend) with which you can forget to carry a backpack, fanny pack, or purse

We could say many things about Jaden Smith before you specify who is the son of Will Smith, a titan of the film industry. And that is a triumph: when you are born in the bosom of a family so much popularity, it is easy to end up being simply “the son of”. However, Jaden … Read more

The government of Mexico gives priority not to carry accessories or beards to resume work activities

Hector Vivas via Getty Images The news regarding the coronavirus is updated every day, and in Mexico —a country where the population is in quarantine— recently spoke of the “New Normal”: a plan for citizens to regain gradually its activities without neglecting the preventive measures. With a tentative date to lift the quarantine in each … Read more

It’s HEARTBREAKING! The confessions of Sophie Turner on “Game of Thrones” I will carry you away!

Sophie Turner like thousands of fans has not managed to overcome the end of “Game of Thrones” which aired last may 19, 2019. After almost a decade of being emitted by HBO’s hit series came to an end, and the beautiful actress until only today you can not avoid talking about that experience that changed … Read more

This is the hair cut of Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner that you’ll want to carry ALL of the 2020

© Getty Images Cara and Kendall we fall in love with a match-cut of hair that we already know will be the trend for the rest of the year. I keep reading and find out! I warn you! A few weeks ago we spoke of the well-known bowl cut or ‘cut-bowl’, it would be the … Read more

Dragon Ball is added to the MEME of the africans who carry a casket: VIDEO

In social networks circulates the “stop motion” of the characters of Dragon Balldancing like african men Ghana, before the death of Krilinwho is inside the coffin. In the remembered scene when Freezer destroyed Krilinmaking it explode, only this was a version with collectible toys playing such a scene, where it sounds the couple of the … Read more