Amber Heard, the former wife of Johnny Deep, is caught kissing a woman

Amber Heard seems to be little by little encarrilando his sentimental life after his tumultuous separation from Johnny Deep in 2016. The controversial breakdown of the marriage came later, accompanied by a authentic pitched battle, both in the media as legal, in relation to the alleged abuse the famous protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ … Read more

Irina Shayk, caught with the ex-boyfriend of Heidi Klum and Amber Heard

The private life of Irina Shayk has always aroused enormous interest in the media and the publictranscending at times his own fame as a model. The history of romantic Russian includes to stars of the stature of Cristiano Ronaldo and Bradley Cooperbut since his high-profile break with the interpreter at the beginning of the summer … Read more

Kylie Jenner I touched up the back with Photoshop! And she’s caught Look at the photo!

April 30, 2020 (19:44 CET) The physical Kylie Jenner following the family custom, has been modified considerably in the last few years. These changes caused the number of followers increase and also the of your bank account. What is certain is that, from your impressive change, the influencer excelled in all its projects. That vision … Read more

What happened to them? The controversial photo of Chris Pratt with the avengers. Do you think she caught any of them?

The american actor has used their social networks in these times to share very special moments you had during the filming of the Marvel movies. Chris went up several postcards but one in particular was not to the liking of their fans. In the same appears next to the characters Thor and Captain America, that … Read more

The curious ability of Hailey Baldwin with that ‘caught’ Justin Bieber

“Actually there is another funny story behind this, and that is the last time I was here, we made this little trick of party to open a bottle with my teeth”, he explained Baldwin. “The next morning, after airing the interview, I received a phone call from a certain person”. “Hello!, how are you? I … Read more

Oops caught! Mia Khalifa and her husband out of quarantine: I’ll teach you!

To bad time good face, that is often said. Of course, taking Mia Khalifa at home and enjoying their company and affection, everything’s much better. That will think Robert Sandberg, husband of the popular former actress. She, that is a machine for generating income demonstrating that their pull in the media is maintained despite not … Read more

Woman caught coronavirus to 17 of their 18 children, in New York

A woman identified as Brittany Jencik, caught coronavirus to 17 of their 18 children in New York. Woman caught COVID-19 to their children According to local media, Brittany I did not know that I was infected of Covid-19 because they do not show any symptoms at all, which means he was asymptomatic. Also read: Mia … Read more

“Terrible.” Shakira does not realize it and you will see this! Caught: “oh my God!”

April 22, 2020 (13:00 CET) There are certain singers and celebrities, as the years are passing by, accumulating haters behind their backs. Names like Jennifer López, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé or Shakira are a good example of this. While it is true that, thanks to social media, his fame has been increasing in recent times, … Read more

One World: Together at Home: What Do actors and athletes caught there?

The One World: Together at Home, an event that will be broadcast through the channels of Channel and the Snail, although it seems a telethon for your format, is not designed with the goal of asking for donations of money. WHO, Global Citizen and Lady Gaga already were in charge of asking for donations. … Read more