Angelina Jolie Zombie is torn between life and death for the virus that caused the pandemic

Angelina Jolie Zombie is torn between life and death for the virus that caused the pandemic. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM Sahar Tabar, better known as Angelina Jolie Zombie, he struggles between life and death for the virus that caused the pandemic, and already relies on an artificial respirator, then you have been infected in the prison. … Read more

It caused a sensation! Yanet Garcia fell to his admirers with bold photography

While it is true that Yanet Garcia tends to raise the temperature of the social networks with each post you share in your accounts, the latter has not been the exception took it to the limit. The modelthe owner of a unique beauty, tends to sweep the “likes” of its more than 13 million followers … Read more

Ezra Miller: viral video has caused fans what they want out of The Flash | Grant Gustin | Cinema and series

The last April 6, Ezra Miller became part of the Trending topics on Twitter, after appearing in a video where I would be assaulting a fan in Iceland. The material, which he quickly viralizado in the network, has led to a group of users to create a request in where they ask their expulsion … Read more

Kim Kardashian caused a furor by revealing how different she looked in seventh grade

The collar that the socialite wore at that time attracted a lot of attention of their followers Kim Kardashian. Photo: ANGELA WEISS / AFP / Getty Images For nobody is a secret that Kim Kardashian has passed over your life by more of a cosmetic procedure to enhance your appearance. However, the few times that … Read more

It of bad taste! Kendall Jenner caused a terrible suit … And remained idly by!

Kendall Nicole Jenner in the year 2017 and it became one of the models best listed in the world, according to Forbes magazine, and since then has been growing by leaps and bounds in your artistic career. The 24-year old man has chosen not to participate in the television program of your family, as a … Read more

It deserves an award! The nails of Rihanna have caused controversy, they Are the longest in the world!

Rihanna once again stole the show What a beautiful! April 08, 2020 · 18:53 hs Some of the celebrities most beautiful in the world has published a photo on his official instagram, this is my beloved Rihanna who once again stole the attention of everyone As always! The image of which we speak, has been … Read more

James Charles caused GREAT controversy with his new challenge of Tik Tok

James Charles has more than 17 million just on Instagram, so no we are surprised that the famous beauty Vblogger has joined rapidly to Tik Tokthe social network for fashion, to begin to follow their recent ‘challenges’. But what I didn’t expect the influencer an american was that meet one of the last challenges of … Read more

Justin Bieber and the pain caused to Hailey Baldwin before smashing it on social networks

Justin Bieber and the pain caused to Hailey Baldwin before smashing it on social networks | Instagram Hailey Baldwin, wife of Justin Bieberunfortunately he has had to pay a bill too expensive for having become the spouse of the singer. Their marital union has resulted in hundreds of negative comments and frequent attacks on the … Read more

Rita Ora caused a sensation after these pictures on a beach

Rita Ora has decided to take a well-deserved family holiday on the exclusive island of St. Barthsa heavenly place to choose many international stars to enjoy a break, its spectacular resorts, the good weather that prevails during the whole year or its crystal-clear waters, each year are witnesses of how great personalities set foot on … Read more

How I became infected!? Natalia Barulich shared a few photos on the coronavirus that caused intrigue

In the midst of the crisis by the coronavirus, the world is in a state of alert. Therefore, Natalia Barulich has expressed his fears with different images and videos in their networks. Could it be that it is infected? The ex-Maluma is travel, and this is not the best of times to do so, especially … Read more