Hollywood celebrities call for justice for the death of George Floyd

Leisure Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish they have used their social networks to show your anger against racism and police violence Updated 01/06/2020 18:13 Ariana Grande and Halsey.Instagram After the death of the african-american George Floyd because of the suffocation caused by a police officer in Minnesota, united States, thousands of citizens of that country, … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown, the girl behind ‘Eleven’ of Stranger Things Celebrities

Updated the 25/10/2016 at 21:59 The children of the Stranger Things I only needed only a season of the series to jump to the fame. The main character, Eleven, is played by the Spanish actress Millie Bobby Brown, who to their 12 years he lived in England and the united States and took the cover … Read more

Instagram | Kendall Jenner posted a picture which for many refers to the COVID-19 | IG | Celebs | Celebrities | Video | U.S. | Mexico | Spain | Viral Off Side

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Celebrities show their outrage at the death of George Floyd

EFE • 31 May 2020 – 07:58 AM More and more celebrities show these days, his outrage at the death at the hands of police-citizen african-american George Floyd on the 25th of may, the last of them, the singer Beyoncé, who stressed that you should not “normalize the pain”. “We’ve all seen his assassination in … Read more

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Celebrities are in Jalisco, the ‘magic formula’ for business

Salma Hayek, Nick Jonas, Adam Levine, Kate del Castillo, Carlos Santana, Daddy Yankee, ACDC, Justin Timberlake, George Clooney, Puff Daddy, among other celebrities have decided to have your own brand of tequila, which is made from Mexico and give him constant promotion abroad. Throughout the world recognize the distillate, which is a favourite among celebrities … Read more

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Updated the 12/03/2020 at 21:32 Kendall Jenner again he did it. The american model of 24 years shook the social networks to its foundations with a spicy video of his, which went viral after being posted through Instagram Stories. In the clip, which lasts only a few seconds, the instant celebrity appears with a tiny … Read more

Halsey, Michael B. Jordan and other celebrities participated in protests for the murder of George Floyd | Entertainment and Shows

New protests were held this Saturday in various cities of the united States, due to the murder of George Floyd, at the hands of the police last Thursday in Minneapolis. The fact has generated a social discontent in the north american country and various figures of the show have condemned the racism that still lives … Read more