Scarlett Johansson is victim of criticism for wearing bikini with cellulite

The society tends to worship celebrities for their lives seemingly perfect: luxuries, fame, and sculpted bodies, but as a sample of his humanity appears, as common and ordinary as all, raining down thousands of critical. The way it is at present Scarlett Johansson. The actress who gives life to the Black Widow in the popular … Read more

Photos of Selena Gomez showing off their cellulite and rolls with pride

The celebrity has inspired us to show us as we are with so much pride. Selena Gomez in addition to being a great singer, producer, actress, and designer, has given great lessons of acceptance and self-love on many occasions. The former girl Disney has become an inspiration to all women not just to overcome a … Read more

Very natural, striking out Selena Gomez in a bikini with tummy and cellulite

A group of fans celebrated when in previous years the famous singer Selena Gomez showed overweight and cellulite in a bikini. In the images you saw when the famous singer took advantage of his sunny days in a yacht. There, wearing a bikini of two pieces in which the bra is orange and the thong … Read more

Ashley Tisdale shows her cellulite to give important message

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Ashley Tisdale, remembered for his successful participation in the youth movie High School Musical, impacted his followers Instagram when you publish a photograph of you where you showed without penalty to your cellulite. The young actress who gave life to the character of “Sharpay Evans” appeared in a thong that let her see … Read more