How John Cena is in danger? Reveal which characters of ‘The Suicide Squad’ will die

Currently, the movie recording is stopped because of the coronavirus, but this has not prevented the production to continue working on the film, since James Gunn is editing some scenes from their home and it seems that the script is also still in the process of writing, as it was revealed that John Cena and … Read more

‘Ready Player One’: All the references, Easter Eggs and characters that you have to look at the film

Back in 2018, Steven Spielberg returned to the film of adventure, fantasy and science fiction that is given as well with ‘Ready Player One’ adaptation of the novel by Ernest Cline that would lead us to a future in which humanity had taken refuge from the hardships of the real world in OASIS, a virtual … Read more

‘The Good Doctor’: Two main characters leave the series before the fourth season

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SERIES: 5 tv shows with characters feminists that made history

SERIES: 5 tv shows with characters feminists that made history For years, the series have explored all the variety of female characters that can exist outside of the more traditional roles, and to this end have taken inspiration and guide to feminism. Since the pioneer, Buffy Summersuntil the mexican, Isabel Churchesthese characters – are considered … Read more

Disney shifts release date for Covid-19 – white-space characters

According to the decision of Universal and MGM, the release date move in the spaces of the new movie of 007, No Time To The many analysts have wondered whether the other majors, and especially those of Disney, you would Covid the same measures due to the aggravation of the crisis of the epidemic-19. Reported … Read more