James Charles has radically changed their look, now it is blonde

James Charles just do something amazing. Recently, the youtuber warned his fans that would be something surprise for your next video and everything seems to indicate that it is a matter related to your new look, which in the beginning had complained. Lol! Things went out of level when James Charles tweetió on the night … Read more

Jeffree Star revived his quarrel with James, Charles, and Tati Westbook

Jeffree Star is giving them even to James Charles and Tati Westbook the time of their lives. During this week’s episode of the podcast Mom’s Basement, the controversial youtuber and makeup artist decided to revive the conflict with James and Tati. As his followers may remember, its all bout began when Tati released a video … Read more

James Charles is surprising to Instagram with a photo of the natural

James Charles is surprising to Instagram with a photo of the natural. | Instagram With only 20 years of age, James Charles Dickinson has become a star of the Youtube platform. Today the u.s. has become a trend on Twitter for having mocked the censorship of Instagram with a photo of the natural in their … Read more

NBA: Charles Barkley’s leave LeBron James out of the top 5 best players in the history

NBA Located to the eaves of the Lakers ahead of Tim Duncan LeBron about in a game of the Lakers AFP Cwhen all the world focused the discussion on the best player of all time in LeBron James and Michael Jordan, came Charles Barkley and aviv polmica removing the eaves of the Lakers in the … Read more

James Charles is criticized for joining this new challenge viral

The famous Beauty Vlogger is back to being topic of conversation in the networks…. And not for anything good. James Charles achieved success by his skill with the makeup and its link with some stars of high level. However, the youtuber has also experienced its fair share of tragedies and scandals. How can we forget … Read more

James Charles makes a mockery of the hacker and his revenge becomes a meme

After the controversial scuffle with her friend the makeup artist Tati Westbrook that made him lose a considerable amount of followers on your youtube channel, James Charles returns to be the center of attention. The young influencer and beauty guru reference has suffered one of the worst attacks to the privacy and intimacy you can … Read more

Charles Barkley says LeBron James would not want to have anything to do with the Bad Boy Pistons

The analyst for TNT Charles Barkley gave a great opportunity to LeBron James as part of the endless debate of GOAT between the star of The los Angeles Lakers and Michael Jordan. In reference to the trials and tribulations of Jordan, as shown on the docuseries for ESPN “The Last Dance”, Barkley asked James that … Read more

The strong fight of James Charles and Trinity The Tuck, Drag Race, by the Coronavirus

James Charles stars in a war, and this time it is with Trinity “The Tuck” Taylorwinner RuPaul”s Drag Race, which originated as nothing more and nothing less than by the COVID-19. Known in the video all the details of this confrontation. As the entire Internet knows, this is not the first time that James participate … Read more