Analysis | Love Life, a romantic comedy with the charm of Anna Kendrick

On the 27th of may was released in the united States the expected HBO Max, digital platform WarnerMedia that brings together all types of content belonging to the company, in addition to all these new productions that are going to be incorporating. Still lack a little bit for the on demand system comes to our … Read more

How much charm, Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke he was born in London 32 years ago, but for their fans the actress came into the world the day in which he played the role of Lou in the ribbon “Before it” (2016), but above all thanks to its role as Daenerys Targaryen in the mind-boggling ‘Game of Thrones’. Has been nominated … Read more

Another Ariana Grande: discover the charm of Francesca Caccini, the first woman who wrote an opera

It was acclaimed by all. Appreciated, praised. Especially for his skill in singing (a soprano), his skills on the harpsichord and the lute, and his poems in Italian and Latin. This is the florentine Francesca Caccini (called Cecchina), the daughter of composer Giulio Caccini, without a doubt, one of the most important women in the … Read more