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Alexa Chung shows them a photo of the Met gala in which she shared the bathroom with Rihanna, Salma Hayek and Stella McCartney

Edward BerthelotGetty Images These days at home are being the perfect occasion that required many celebrities to organize your memories and to see again many photos of the past. Unique moments that were forgotten in a folder, and now it’s back to the memory. With the Met gala 2020 suspended …

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Kate Middleton | The dress Falconetti Jennifer Aniston and Alexa Chung wore | Fashion 2020 | Style | Trends | Fashion-and-beauty

The great style of Kate Middleton’s always a surprise, and everything seems to indicate that, not celebrities, have been able to resist to replicate one of her outfits to be remembered. And that is the comfort of their dresses are such that all we can carry. This is a dress …

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