Hollywood gives up the summer of 2020, to open the cinemas or not

In the middle of a crisis epidemiological, the week has begun with a sharp blow to the box office of 2020: Sony, one of the great Hollywood studios, has been delayed seven releases planned for the coming months. Between them, their bets summer ‘Peter Rabbit 2: the leak’, ‘Morbius’, and ‘Ghostbusters: beyond’, which now will … Read more

‘Black widow’ holds its premiere in the cinemas even if you are still having rumors of premiere Disney+

The checkmate imposed by the coronavirus to all companies involved with the film business has shaken the industry. The premieres arrears are already the usual route between the distributorsand some are starting to bet even by the launch by streaming. The craving to see the most anxiously awaited films of the year as soon as … Read more

‘Wonder Woman ‘1984’ delayed its release in cinemas by the coronavirus and announces a new date

With a premiere on the 5th of June the thing was to pensársela and try to search for a date more remote from the pandemic that fit this type of movie. And it was Warner, surrounded by rumors about the possibility of a debut directly on video-on-demand, which were quickly discarded. Finally, ‘Wonder Woman ‘1984’ … Read more

Cinemas, mosqueados because distributors will rely on the streaming front of the coronavirus

More than 5,400 cinemas are closed in EE.UU due to the crisis of the coronavirus and will not re-open in a couple of months. This situation has forced the delay of dozens of productions with premiere dates in these months of quarantine. This delay forces the distributors to the postponement of the release date. Normally, … Read more

Disney launches ‘Onward’ in digital sales two weeks after arriving in cinemas, and in April comes to Disney+

Disney has moved tab. ‘Onward’ has been one of the high budget films most affected by the pandemic coronavirus, because he had very little time in theaters before that the countries most affected began to close them down. Had not been able to figures very high before, but the impossibility of going to see her … Read more

‘Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone’ is reestrenará in China in 4K 3D to reopen the cinemas

Europe is the epicenter of the crisis of the coronaviruses in these moments, but China is already in the process of recovery from infections. For this reason, already planning how to boost the economy and to recover damages caused by the pandemic. The Hollywood Reporter reports of the re-run of the first film of the … Read more

The solution of Sweden against the coronavirus: Brand new movies in streaming and to give half of the profits to the cinemas

In Sweden have devised a solution to the closure of cinemas, and, therefore, cancellation of movie premieres. According to Deadlinedistributors swedes have partnered with Draken Film, the platform of on-demand video of the Festival of Göteborg. On this platform was released several films online and half of the benefits will be for local cinemas. Draken … Read more