What’s going to be the coronavirus to the cinemas to long-term

In the film, the COVID-19 is being felt increasingly. Personalities infected, delays in the releases, filming paralyzed… And closing of rooms, obviously. In China, Korea, or Italy, are already several weeks that have passed since you took the measurement. In Spain, the cinemas also closed their doors these past few days. And in the united … Read more

Universal Pictures launches their latest releases in cinemas on demand before the crisis of the coronavirus

Many european cinemas and some of the united States have been forced to close its doors until further notice due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. This has affected many movies that were about to be released and consequently has affected the box office, it has reached its lowest point in at least 20 … Read more

So you choose Disney what movies are premiered in cinemas, and which are in Disney+

In recent years, the advent of streaming platforms to the audiovisual industry has meant that the major studios will be forced to adapt. Given the potential of this new form of exhibition, in the present, all of the Hollywood majors have their own streaming service. Each one carries a different strategy, although it is true … Read more