Hailey Baldwin makes a tremendous claim in public to her husband Justin Bieber

Hailey Baldwin makes a tremendous claim in public to her husband Justin Bieber/Photo: The Newspaper Now in the quarantine, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have had to stay locked up in their home in Canada. However, the young married couple seems to have various conflicts, and on this occasion, the model was annoyed so much … Read more

I left it to be discovered! The wife of Justin Bieber made a claim public

The famous singer, Justin Bieber, is married with the model and personality of american television, Hailey Baldwin. These celebrities were married in September of 2018, in a civil ceremony, who since then have shown your great love and have fought with the means of entertainment by the shadow of Selena Gomez that by their fans … Read more

Does it return? Fans claim that Ariana Grande is all set to act in television

Throughout his career, Ariana Grande always showed as one of the most influential celebrities for the teen audience, excelling both in their songs as in acting. But since the american singer began to have greater success in the music industry, he decided to leave for a time their shares stellar on the small screen. Related … Read more

Claim lm of the rebel

Leads hooked to the cinema since I had use of reason: remembers seeing his first movie three years and was an adult, The phantom of the opera (1962), directed by Terence Fisher, released by TVE on October 14, 1978. David Felipe Arranz is a journalist, philologist and professor of journalism at the University Carlos III … Read more

As well responds to Demi Lovato who claim that they hate Selena Gomez

This is what Demi Lovato has to say to the fans that discovered the account’s secret Instagram with the throwing bad blood Selena Gomez. During the past weekend, millions of fans outraged did trend the #DemiIsOverParty with the intention of ending the career of the star, as they discovered its account of Instagram secret, in … Read more

removed the claim for breach of 2017

There are so many who will remember the lawsuit that put Chris Brown in 2017, for an alleged violation. Now, almost three years later, this lawsuit, in asking for 17 million dollars for the artist has been lifted. According to the official documents, Thursday the charges dropped against all the parties involved in the case. … Read more

As well responds to Selena Gomez who claim that ‘Boyfriend’ makes reference to Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez is causing a lot of controversy with his new song because of Justin Bieber… Some days ago, Selena revealed the launch of a special edition of her new album ‘Rare’, which includes the song ‘Boyfriend’, a topic that had already caused controversy, so it is called one of the most popular songs of … Read more