Federal judge launches claim of copyright against Josh Groban

Josh Groban playing live. (photo: Shein) A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit for violation of rights of author of the musician icelandic Jóhann Helgason against the individual who composed “You Raise Me Up”, which John Groban became popular in 2003. In 2018, Jóhann Helgason, a singer and songwriter nationally-known Reykjavik, Iceland, filed a complaint alleging, … Read more

Critical, ‘Poison’ is a feast trash and an exciting claim trans

Explain literally a story written by Javis is an exercise inevitably limited. ‘The call’ was something more than the story of two teenage girls, Mary and Susan, who fall in love with God and a nun, respectively; ‘Paquita Rooms’ is more than the day-to-day a representative of actors aging; and ‘Poison’ is more than the … Read more