Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, each time more close to buying the New York Mets

Two big names in the world of celebrities americans would soon happen to be owners of the baseball team New York Metsone of the greatest of his country. We talk about nothing more and nothing less than Jennifer Lopez and Álex Rodríguez, which, according to several media such as Variety or the New York Postwould … Read more

Jennifer Lopez is close to buying the Mets for $2,600 million | News of The Savior

The artist, together with her partner Alex Rodriguez, looking for partners to acquire one of the teams historical baseball american The singer Jennifer Lopez and his partner, the exbeisbolista Alex Rodriguez, make the necessary contacts to be able to buy the New York Mets, of Major League Baseball in the united States. It is a … Read more

Kevin Smith came close to directing the classic ‘The indomitable Will Hunting’

Kevin Smiththe director of Clerksest to be one of the great actors of the present cinematogrfica during the pandemic coronavirus. The filmmaker, who has revealed some of the projects in which it works, and ms data of its expected sequels, and salt to the fame in 1994. Little by little, it was all made a … Read more

Wow, you forgot Kylie Jenner! Drake can be seen very close to Rosalia Will there be a romance?

After his romance with Kylie Jenner, all seem to indicate that Drake no longer complies with any woman, so she has been given to understand, want much more. The Canadian was captured at an event of the recognized sports brand ‘Nike’, next to nothing more and nothing less than Rosalia. Related News It should be … Read more

Following in the steps of Lady Di: Meghan Markle, very close to ok an explosive proposal that would put in check the british royal family

The duke and duchess of Sussex are installed from the beginning of march in the city of Los Angeles in search of job opportunities now that queen Elizabeth II will no longer pay travel and expensive lifestyle that lead along to your child Archieof 11 months. Apparently Meghan Markle received a a tempting offer that … Read more

We lived close! Rihanna confessed that his father was hospitalized by the coronavirus

During the last few months, the coronavirus comes to affecting the world’s population and there are several celebrities who lived near. On this occasion, Rihanna it became one of those involved. Despite the fact that the virus is not attacked directly the singer born in Barbadosshe made her appearance in one of their direct relatives, … Read more

“I see everything!” Natalia Barulich with a very close challenge Maluma. What is resist?

Natalia Barulich while it does not need to Maluma to give that talk, because his great gifts of beauties have pushed growing up, attracting the media and the eyes of all. But this time, some believe that the successful model he could have requested the attention of the singer, and even spend a few words … Read more

“Oh, close your legs!”. Jennifer Lopez does not make the case, and the photograph teaching this!

31 march 2020 (14:00 CET) It seems that the coronavirus is not going with Jennifer Lopez. The spread of the pandemic COVID-19 throughout the world do not seem to be a concern of the diva Bronx. Since many countries around the world began to confine, the singer has not commented about it in any of … Read more