A faithful spokesperson! Eva Longoria is added to combat the Covid-19 Among all!

There are many celebrities who join the ranks of struggle against the Covid-19 virus that caused a pandemic spread, among such personalities is Eva Longoria. The actress performs strong action to help all the Latin people that are in different parts of the world in a situation of extreme vulnerability. Related News From the social … Read more

Lady Gaga and Elton John, the faces of benefit concerts to combat the COVID-19

Elton John and Lady Gaga they have put their talent and influence in support of a good cause. The astro world british Elton John was the first to headline a benefit concert this past march in support of various institutions that fight against the coronavirus. The result: 8 million dollars raised con the help of … Read more

Princess Swedish Sofia becomes a nurse to combat coronavirus

Digital Millennium Mexico city / 17.04.2020 20:45:11 At the time, the marriage of the prince Carlos Felipe, child of king carl XVI and Silvia of Sweden, with Sofia Hellqvist generated great controversy in the royal house; however, now princess Swedish, who worked as a model, waitress and stripper, has earned the affection of the citizens … Read more

9 products non-pharmaceutical chemist to prevent and combat acne at home | News

It is not necessary to have fifteen years to suffer acne problems. More and more models and celebrities like Kendall Jenner or Bella Thorne that give visibility to this issue in social networks. Because yes, adults also suffer from the appearance of these annoying bumps. Sometimes it is A matter of outbreaks caused by hormonal … Read more

Godfather of the prince George makes the largest donation to combat Covid-19

Some celebrities have joined the challenge #AllinChallenge to help the most needy people during the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19 the world is facing, as not all have the same resources. This week, several celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Justin Bieber and Kevin Hart, announced their support for the #AllInChallenge through their social networks, in … Read more

Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey give 86 thousand masks to combat the COVID-19

Instagram @officiallymcconaughey @sandra.bullock.official The celebrities are doing everything in their power to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the world, such is the case of Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey. Sandra Bullock and her boyfriend, Bryan Randall, donated 6 thousand masks N95 workers of public health in Los Angeles. It was Randall who made … Read more

George and Amal Clooney donate 1 billion to combat the Covid-19

The Clooney have not wanted to sit idly by in these moments so unstable and unsafe for the world. The actor and his wife, a lawyer specialized in human rights, have decided to contribute their bit to combat the pandemic caused by the coronavirus Covid-19. As explained in the web american DeadlineGeorge Clooney and Amal … Read more

Coronavirus | Footballers created a community to combat the pandemic: what it is and who donated

An extensive list of Premier League players joined together to form a foundation to fight against the coronavirus through donations of money that will be allocated to the National Health Service in britain. In a statement released from the creation platform called #PlayersTogether it was reported that the same was founded to “help those who … Read more

Selena Gomez released songs to raise funds and combat coronavirus

Selena Gomez released songs to raise funds and combat coronavirus – Noticias Caracol /coronavirus-covid-19/selena-gomez-lanzo-canciones-ineditas-para-recaudar-fondos-y-combatir-pandemia-de-coronavirus-nid226113-ie36866 /coronavirus-covid-19/selena-gomez-lanzo-canciones-ineditas-para-recaudar-fondos-y-combatir-pandemia-de-coronavirus-nid226113-ie36866 /coronavirus-covid-19/selena-gomez-lanzo-canciones-ineditas-para-recaudar-fondos-y-combatir-pandemia-de-coronavirus-nid226113-ie36866 X /coronavirus-covid-19/selena-gomez-lanzo-canciones-ineditas-para-recaudar-fondos-y-combatir-pandemia-de-coronavirus-nid226113-ie36866