The lie the more fat counted in Save me sinking Carlota Corredera (and company)

March 20, 2020 (16:42 CET) A lot of people is against Save me from a really long time ago and in these times of confinement, it seems that Carlota Corredera he has not done any favors to the program of Telecinco with a few statements that are very controversial. And is that the presenter wanted … Read more

Remove the jacket and underneath there is nothing! Friend of Ana Guerra (OT), Aitana and company

March 17, 2020 (16:45 CET) It seems that the quarantine, as expected, has sparked the imagination of many celebrities of our country. While it is true that it is not exactly an easy situation for the vast majority, there are those who take advantage of these days to share their photos more sensual through the … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence founded his production company Excellent carcass

Jennifer Lawrence, the actress and Oscar, has decided the establishment of a production company call Excellent carcass. MESSAGE of BEATRICE PAGAN — 31/10/2018 Jennifer Lawrence he founded his production company called Excellent Cadaversdressed in addition, an agreement with the Make ready the development of new films that maintained potentially with the protagonist of the Oscar … Read more

Poll of the week: What is a Pokémon Spin-off company, is in need of a follow-up to Nintendo to Change?

15:40 – 08.03.2020 Software It’s more of a turn on Sunday, and, therefore, it is referred to as “big hands” to our research day. As always, we’re going to look at the first to the last survey, and troubleshoot any of the results of the vote. Research from the past week In the last week, … Read more

Company shamed the girl for a photo in a bikini. They waited for the fiasco

Texan signed up for instagram, the company where I wanted to get a job, but it was a nasty surprise. Representatives of the firm proved to be very scrupulous in respect to the images that candidates post on social networks. So much and decided to publicly shame the girl for alleged non-professional photos in a … Read more