Jennifer Lawrence confesses his habits in quarantine

Albert L. OrtegaGetty Images Jennifer Lawrence was the great protagonist of the episode of the last Monday of the cooking programme of your friend Amy Schumer, Amy Schumer Learns To Cook of The Food Network. Not only for the eye-catching recipe I decided to share with the interpreter, and her husband, chef Chris Fischer, and … Read more

It’s all over! Camila Cabello confesses. And What About Shawn Mendes? Last time

February 05, 2020 (20:12 CET) Camila Hair is living a few months too accelerated, and it seems that it has decided to stop, something that was confirmed this Monday when he commented in his account of Instagram because it had been 10 days without posting anything. The cuban singer needed a break and so explained … Read more

Halsey confesses what is the song “without censorship,” he wrote in his career [VIDEO]

Did you know that Halsey has a song on that was not saved anything? After celebrating the release of their latest album entitled Manicthe interpreter of ‘the Boy with luv’ not only made a series of revelations about his latest musical production, but also was grateful for all the unconditional support he had been receiving … Read more

Katy Perry confesses what is the current status of her friendship with Taylor Swift

That is because, as has been explained Katy, who both now are two adult women, and therefore have decided not to force the situation to allow everything to evolve naturally among them. “We don’t have a very close relationship because we are both very busy, but we send many text messages” revealed to the magazine, … Read more

Tom Holland confesses that he had stolen several accessories Spider-Man

Tom Holland, the protagonist and interpreter of Spider-Man, confessed in an interview that your house is full of accessories from the movies of the Marvel character that has been interpreted and the study know nothing of this about it. But that is not all, he said he used to take objects and accessories for the … Read more

Serena Williams confesses his anxiety in the face of the coronavirus: “I go crazy”

The unprecedented situation that we are living in a great part of the world, with millions of citizens confined in their homes as a strategy to contain the spread of the coronavirus, is having side effects in many people. To be cooped up for days, the uncertainty about the future, or for the matter, the … Read more

Demi Lovato confesses how Selena Quintanilla changed her life

Demi Lovato he has always said and made public his admiration for Selena Quintanilla, who on Tuesday was the death anniversarythe nets were pummeled with thousands of messages and memories the singer texas. Lovato shared with his fans with much love a photo you will see that wears a t-shirt with the image the singer … Read more

Sharon Osbourne confesses how much we have been hurt by the addiction of their children

The wife of Ozzy Osbourne opened his heart about the great difficulties that this has brought to his family The famed Sharon Osbourne, collaborator, and television celebrity in and of itself, has not hesitated to be honest about the way in which their children, Jack and Kelly, managed to romperle the “heart” at the end … Read more