It did not come out as expected! Warner Bros congratulated Amber Heard and this was the reaction of the fans

This past April 22 was the birthday of Amber Heard and Warner Bros didn’t forgot it in the to congratulate you from their official accounts of Twitter, however social networks were not silent in the face of this fact, in particular, for all the controversy that surrounds it. The actress celebrated their 34 years of … Read more

Fans of Johnny Depp are attacking Warner for having congratulated Amber Heard

Since I started the process of divorce between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife in 2017, have been in a protracted and ongoing legal battle that becomes ever more complicated, as both argue that they suffered this abuse, recently the fans of the actor criticised Warner for congratulate Amber Heard. This is because most of the … Read more

Natalia Barulich also congratulated Maluma for his birthday

Only fifteen days there is a difference between the birthday of Maluma and Natalia Barulich, who met the 28 and 13 January, respectively, but still higher cuban-Croatian with two years of difference on the paisa, who still is a party for 26 years. In chronological order, the reguetonero was the first to congratulate his former … Read more

Maluma CONGRATULATED Natalia Barulich for your birthday do you Already forgave her?

Maluma CONGRATULATED Natalia Barulich for your birthday do you Already forgave her? Maluma and Natalia Barulich some months ago staged one of the ruptures most talked about 2019, but despite his decision to take separate ways, now the colombian has noticed that they continue to have a communication friendly. Previously the model cubana-Croatian as expressed … Read more

Olya Polyakova touching congratulated the eldest daughter Mary on the 15th anniversary

Photo: Olya Polyakova daughter ( Star mom touched fans sincere words about my daughter The eldest daughter of the singer Olya Polyakova Mary obviously went to the mother – like looks and figure, and the artistry and hard work. The girl is already trying his hand in different fields – modeling, acting and singing, as … Read more