The young people continue to battle against climate change in line

The pandemic coronavirus cut into dry the marches of the young militants against climate change, but the movement continues on-line. AFP.- Young people have the hope that this crisis can also serve to add followers to your cause. “We decided to cancel or postpone our great manifestations. “It’s what I had to do,” admitted the … Read more

Greta Thunberg makes call to continue the fight against the climate change in the middle of a pandemic

What happened? As part of the commemoration of the Earth day this April 22, the environmental activist, Greta Thunberg asked the governments to continue fighting against the climate change even during the emergency by the new coronavirus, warning that global warming “is not slowing down”. Through a public statement, the young man stated that countries … Read more

What happens to him? Kendall Jenner was the rage for breaking the quarantine and continue adding up to millions with this

As was supposed, Kendall Jenner is succeeding. Still in quarantine, even when the world collapses health and psychologically and even when many companies are facing times very serious. How do you do? Easy: simply was born with the halo of success by being a member of the clan. Full planetary crisis, the model with the … Read more

‘Top 20, American Idol will continue live shows in spite of closure of production

Several shows have been forced to close as a result of the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19). Season 3 of American Idol is at the point in which the united States has to start to vote, but with the prohibition of large public gatherings, fans are wondering how they will work live presentations. Fans of American Idol … Read more

The ‘talk show’ should continue, but from home

The hosts some of the most famous ‘talk shows’ of United States and Europe it also welcomed the modality of the teleworkduring the quarantine. Transmitted from the room, the garden, the attic, the study, or even from the bath. When the pandemic by covid-19 forcing many countries to implement measures of constraint and social isolationmany … Read more

Alice Campello and Alvaro Morata will continue looking for your “little princess”

SHOWBIZ • Apr 9 2020 – 10:56 AM Model Alice Campello already confessed in his revealing interview yesterday Wednesday to the Spanish magazine ¡Hola! who had done a lot of illusion, in the framework of their third pregnancy, to receive that which would have been the first girl in the adorable family that has formed … Read more

The Disney parks in the united States will continue to be closed indefinitely by the coronavirus

In mid-march we knew the news that the Disney parks in the united States would close until the end of march by the pandemic of the coronavirus. Today, the company has announced to extend the closure indefinitely. The initial plan was to reopen the parks on the 1st of April but have announced that they … Read more

Coronavirus, Boris Johnson is positive: “I’m in the car isolamento but continue to work”

According to Prince Charles, Boris Johnson has the contract the coronavirus. Confirm the message was the same, the British Prime Minister, via a video on Twitter. “In the last days I have some slight symptoms of the coronavirus, such as cough and fever“says Johnson, “so I got tested and are positive. Well, I’m at home, … Read more