Kim Kardashian returns to use that Birkin that caused so much controversy

Kim Kardashian conquer Paris with one of the Birkin most iconic of his collection: the one intervened by the artist George Condo. 4 march, 2020 Sure you will remember when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West they were still committed. At that time, Kim was just beginning to expand their social circle, going to Paris to … Read more

USA | Jennifer Lopez stirs controversy among his followers for photography in the gym | Alex Rodriguez | USA | united States | NNDC-NNES | Shows

Updated the 22/05/2020 at 16:24 The singer Jennifer Lopez it has accustomed to its followers to sexy selfies or photographs with a quite elegance. However, a photograph of the actress also sparked controversy in social networks. It is a picture in the gym where he gets to see his toned abdomen, but -behind her – … Read more

The ‘annus horribilis’ of the controversy, Amber Heard | People and Celebrity

Actress Amber Heard meets 33 years old this Monday in a complicated time of your personal life. The interpreter is located in the middle of the war with her ex-husband, the actor Johnny Depp, who split in may 2016, and who complained of ill-treatment. A battle that has heightened recently after the actor Pirates of … Read more

C. Tangana an artist surrounded by controversy: Gone with Rosalia

The artist of madrid Antón Álvarez Alfaro, formerly known as Cream and now as C. Tangana, has released a video clip called “Good :(”, where it returns to dive into the depths the more bitter of the success. To “Clip” it has always been accompanied by controversy, as his cancellation of a concert in Bilbao … Read more

VIDEO: Duki came out to defend paul in London and the controversy broke out

The statements of Duki revolutionized the networks and became on-trend to Lenny. Why is it a trend? Duki shared this week several stories that became viral in social networks. The musician said about the fight of paul London with Ovy on the Drums and Lenny Tavarez. Why is it a trend? “Lenny Tavarez”:By the stories … Read more

The youtuber James Charles cancel your tour Sisters Tour after the controversy with Tati

Finished ‘Game of thrones’ and, as the documentary that premiered yesterday HBO on your last season did not seem to us sufficient to alleviate our pain and mourning, we decided to start the beef that are starring James Charles and Tati Westbrook. In a new chapter of this back in ‘Feud’, we have known that el young influencer has decided to cancel a tour that would lead to 24 north american cities throughout the summer.

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With sexy shorts, Rosalia shows the middle finger and generates controversy

Along the quarantine Rosalia he has not forgotten his fans, posting on his account Instagram photos and videos are successful but are not exempt from controversy, as its most recent post. The Spanish singer posed very sexy in some shorts and wearing your new hair, but at the same time showing the middle finger, which, … Read more

Dua Lipa, Rosalia and Lizzo, involved in a controversy due to visit a club of strippers

Dua Lipa, Rosalia and Lizzo involved in a controversy due to visit a club of strippers Credit: Twitter: @dualipa After the feast of the Grammy-2020 , Dua Lipa , Rosalia and Lil Nas X they were invited by Lizzo to go to celebrate a club strippers . In a video that the musical figures were … Read more