Kim Kardashian shares a picture of his mother in his youth, and unleash controversy | THE IMPARTIAL

Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her mother Kris Jenner to celebrate this Sunday, Mothers Day and remember a special moment for her. He said that Jenner never had those photos and to see them cried of happiness. The photo is after you have given birth to Rob Kardashian his only brother. In your account … Read more

Video of Rosalia, Dua Lipa, and Lizzo throwing money to dancers cause controversy

The singers were criticized in social networks. Photos Instagram: rosalia.vt / dualipa / lizzobeeating UNITED STATES. The singers Dua Lipa, Rosalia and Lizzo caused controversy on social networks with a video for the after party of the ceremony of the Grammy in that look throwing tickets to a few dancers. In the pictures you can … Read more

Aquaman 2: Amber Heard would be in the movie after controversy with Johnny Deep

Aquaman 2: Amber Heard would be in the movie after controversy with Johnny Deep Amber Heard it is wrapped in several controversial that the accuse of having been she who violentó to her ex-husband Johnny Deppthis after he accused the actor for domestic violence and have been evidenced by several audios where it was found … Read more

Nicki Minaj causes controversy by changing this detail in their networks in what has separated from her husband?

The rapper Nicki Minaj caused a small revolution among its fan base a few hours ago when changed his name on his various social networking profiles without giving any explanation. Since last summer the artist it was presented on Twitter as Mrs. Petty to demonstrate the degree of commitment that existed between her current husband … Read more

Is there not money? Lady Gaga wrapped up in a new controversy because of his father. What impudence!

Lady Gaga is in the eye of the hurricane, once more, due to the “bad decisions” that takes her father, Joe Germanotta. The last of them? In the midst of the anguish that we live today in a global pandemic that affects the world: the coronavirus, the dad of the american singer decided to close … Read more

Zac Efron comes back with “overweight” and cause controversy in the networks

The actor Zac Efron it is considered as one of the celebrities more attractive in the middle of the show, but this morning started to circulate a few photos of him as we’d never seen, with a few extra pounds of more. HERE FOLLOWS THE COVERAGE OF THE CORONAVIRUS IN MEXICO According to Tribunethrough social … Read more

Oh controversy! Kim Kardashian revolutionized the networks I To comment on this delicate topic!

Kim Kardashian has returned to give that talk, to post on your personal Twitter account a statement in which he spoke of the anniversary 105 of the Armenian genocide, a country which has roots. The entrepreneur, proved once more that not only are you interested in frills and fashion, but also is proud to be … Read more

Zac Efron causes controversy and is criticized for being gained weight

Zac Efron causes controversy and is criticized for being gained weight | Instagram The american actor Zac Efron was surprised by all of his followers to come back as never before, overweight in a video, so it caused a great controversy and have not stopped criticize it in social networks. Zac Efron is considered as … Read more