The conversation attributed to Anonymous about aliens in Area 51 is in reality a audio 1997

The group of cyber activists Anonymous has returned to the activity after three years in which I have not had much impact. And they have done so after the death of George Floyd threatening to make public “many of the crimes”, according to defend, the administration of the United States hidden from the world. In … Read more

Full interview with Christian Nodal: reveals details of her conversation with Selena Gomez

At 21 years old is the artist’s #1 Regional Mexican, a phenomenon of the music that leaps and bounds will breaking schemes and across borders. From the home of his parents in Jalisco, Mexico, had a fun talk virtual with Carlos Adyan of At Home With Telemundo, to tell us all about your new music … Read more

Entertain Cardi B and J Balvin with ‘palomazos’ and a great conversation

Songs like “Black Shirt” of Juanes, or the theme of “Not”, by Shakira, which did not come out well at all, were sung by both. The transmission definitely was the most fun as the two, apart from singing, they also spoke of Shakira, the telenovela Without Breasts There is No Paradise, the series Narcos, and … Read more

The conversation sexual with his mother who is uncomfortable with Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner continues to draw attention wherever it goes. The model, which has more than 127 million followers only in Instagram, has been the protagonist in the last hours by a conversation pretty heated and rise of tone with your mother, Kris Jenner. She was accompanied in this case of his sisters, Kim Kardashian and … Read more

The intense conversation that Miley Cyrus and Hailey Baldwin had about God

The video Miley Cyrus tells Hailey Baldwin the reason why he stopped going to church… Miley and Hailey went to the same church during her childhood, but during a live Instagram, Miley confessed that during his teenage years stopped coming to the church for this difficult reason. “I had some gay friends in the school. … Read more