‘Linchan’ Bad Bunny by ‘disgusting’ mencin on Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

City of Mexico.- During this Friday, may 29, Bad Bunny gave a lot of that talk on social media after the premiere of Until God say, collaboration you did for the new album Anuel AA entitled Emmanuel. And is that in part of this song, Benito Ocasio, real name of the artist, made a mencin … Read more

Criticize Bad Bunny for mentioning Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Bad Bunny and Anuel AA they are giving what to talk about on social networks for the mention of sex on Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the song “Until God says”that integrates the new disk Anuel called Emmanuel. The name of the american actor Bradley Cooper was placed between the trends on Twitter, as … Read more

What reconciliation? Captured Irina Shayk in the house of Bradley Cooper

The model Irina Shayk he was captured while he was inside the house of his former spouse Bradley Cooperin the city of New York. The actress, 34 years of age, came to the department of the actor A Star Is Bornin Manhattan, where he was already in his daughter Read. Irina used a shirt oversized … Read more

Interview of Anderson Cooper to Lady Gaga re-emerges and fans applaud

In 2010 there was a controversy that catapulted the singer to fame. Now it goes viral again the interview of Anderson Cooper to Lady Gaga on the subject of his”penis” and the reactions are revived. When Gaga was starting his career, millions of people danced to his hits”Poker Face” and “Just Dance” but was a … Read more

Are they together? Bradley Cooper confesses about his relationship with Jennifer Lawrence

More than one has happened to think that some of the couples of Hollywood movies could be in the reality. This fantasy, can not help to escape Bradley Cooper and her colleague Jennifer Lawrence. From their undoubted chemistry in the movie, “The good side of things”, the actor and the blonde have been the subject … Read more

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper go, the war as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

After four years together, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have split up. Apparently, good relationships are. But you still have not address the only issue that threatens the war: the administration of their daughter, Lea, who has 2 years. This could be the only real argument that he brings to the fight as a whole … Read more