The US Open has created a virtual World of champions historical and Gabriela Sabatini came to the end

The tennislike the rest of the sports activity in the world, is crippled by the advance of the pandemic coronavirus that spanned the world. With the competition of the circuit professionals male and female -the ATP and WTA, respectively- suspended at least until the next 13 of July due to the spread of the virus … Read more

Coronavirus | Footballers created a community to combat the pandemic: what it is and who donated

An extensive list of Premier League players joined together to form a foundation to fight against the coronavirus through donations of money that will be allocated to the National Health Service in britain. In a statement released from the creation platform called #PlayersTogether it was reported that the same was founded to “help those who … Read more

NASA created a parody of the song of Ariana Grande for a very important reason

11 September 2019 Some of the trainees of the The NASA Johnson Space Center they made a special version of the song Ariana Grande entitled “NASA” to the educational purposeto promote their upcoming space missions. The video is accompanied by these words: “We can’t wait to send the first woman and the next man on … Read more

Jorge Drexler created a SONG inspired by the Coronavirus ¡Fantastic!

Jorge Drexler created a SONG inspired by the Coronavirus ¡Fantastic! The singer uruguayan Jorge Drexlerin times of the pandemic Coronavirus published a video of a previously unissued song that he composed before the panic generated by the recently so-called pandemic by the World Health Organization. Drexler requested to Latin americans, through their social networks, not … Read more