Sophie Turner is critical of Evangeline Lilly for refusing to do quarantine

Messages from celebrities encouraging people to keep the isolation to curb the spread of the coronavirus are constants. However, actress Evangeline Lilly (‘Lost’) he said in response to a comment on his instagram that “some people value their lives over freedom, others value freedom above their lives”. Lilly had shared in a publication that she … Read more

Critical, ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ keeps too much of the status quo

What computer? It Wildcats! Although, according to ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’, an original Disney+ which is recorded in the style of a fake documentary about a group of high school students who attend the school where they filmed the original movie of ‘High School Musical’ and that decide to present an adaptation … Read more

In critical condition, an Italian tourist sick of coronavirus in Cuba

One of the three italians hospitalized with coronavirus at the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kourí (IPK) of Havana is in a critical condition, reported the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP) in a press release. The man, 61-year-old is one of three tourists from that country that were positive for the Covid-19 last … Read more

Critical, The second season of ‘Just before Christ’ improvement, but it still remains untapped

I think that ‘Just before Christ’ is one of those series aimed at a specific audience, in the sense that, although they are addressed of course to all the spectators, they just tend to appeal to those lovers of silly humor. This series is a perfect mix between this kind of humor, and black humor … Read more

Please note: the patch to protect against critical SMBv3-opening-now available

Microsoft announced that, except for the number of the security update for the Windows 10 and the Server, in 1903, and in 1909, the critical vulnerability, CVE-2020-0796 fix it. The one that is in the SMBv3 Protocol, and may be used by remote attackers for subsequent execution of the program code on the vulnerable systems … Read more

‘Westworld’: The critical target with a third season that will lack “brightness”

This march 15, (16 thanks to HBO Spain) becomes ‘Westworld’ after a long break of almost two years. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the creators of the series, left us with many questions and various theories about the third season. Although we still have a few days to go out of doubts, critics of various … Read more

Critical, ‘Onward’ has all the magic of Pixar, although it may take a whole adventure to find it

This year we have a double serving of original from Pixar, which is a very good news after so many sequels. The first of these is ‘Onward’, the new Dan Scanlon (‘Monsters University’), a film that takes us to a fantasy world to, basically, leave it devoid of almost all magic. So we had a … Read more

Now the gap in the Critical Ghostcat patch:” Apache-Tomcat-release from 6.0 to

Chinese security researchers have discovered on the Apache-Tomcat as a web server, or on the container, written in Java, and web-based applications in a breach-of-security-review. In the name of “Ghostcat, in accordance with the gap in the Tomcat binary that is used by the communication Protocol. The Apache JServ Protocol (AJP). (Image: A remote … Read more