Cara DeLevingne has defended Ashley Benson of criticism for his relationship with G-Eazy

Featureflash Photo Agency via Shutterstock One of the news that most shocked the fans in the last few weeks, it was confirmation that Cara DeLevingne and Ashley Benson ended their relationship of nearly two years. The news was announced through a source close to Face, without any of the two would make an official announcement, … Read more

Video Mia Khalifa responds to criticism of showing off hot body

Video Mia Khalifa responds to criticism of showing off hot body | Instagram The beautiful Mia Khalifa has responded with a video after the countless criticisms about her physical that have emerged on social networks over the past few days. Internet users have noted that they are concerned by the famous because it looks “extremely … Read more

Chris Pratt denounces criticism by physical or body shaming in men

Samuel RomanGetty Images Chris Pratt shared in networks their snacks during filming, and the comments have led to complaints that men also suffer bullying by their physical appearance “There are so many people who have said that I looked too thin… Not for being the man I am insensitive to these taunts. The body shaming … Read more

Alec Baldwin makes fierce criticism parodying Donald Trump while drinking bleach

The comedian left in ridicule in repeatedly to the president of the united States while played it for SNL Alec Baldwin has recovered from the confinement of his now-famous imitation of Donald Trump for Saturday Night Live. In the latest edition of the legendary comedy show, the protagonist Rockefeller Plaza, and To Rome with love … Read more

Michael Jordan prefers to lose friends that you accept constructive criticism

Michael Jordan it is the center of attention in the world of sport. After the halt of activities by the outbreak of coronavirus, the exbasquetbolista u.s. has given what to talk about for the web series that has amazed all. We recommend: Eduardo Najera, the only mexican that faced Michael Jordan In a chapter was … Read more

Kendall Jenner reacts to criticism for having had many boyfriends in the NBA

Kendall Jenner has been heavily criticised recentlyafter the famous news portal TMZ published a photo that showed that the american model decided to forgo the running of the bulls (in your luxurious home in Beverly Hills) to go on a journey with those who claim that can be your new boyfriend: Devin Booker (who is … Read more

Criticism of an actor of ‘The Witcher’ to Henry Cavill giving where it hurts

The filming of the second season of ‘The Witcher’ has been paralyzed since more than a month ago by the coronavirus, and after that one of their signings for the new delivery, Christopher Hivju (which we have also seen in ‘Game of Thrones’), to be positive in the virus. Since then, Henry Cavill is in … Read more

The complicated decision of Sophie Turner after heavy criticism at the end of ‘Game of Thrones’

‘Game of Thrones‘it has been probably the most important of the last decade and that is why many fans had a high expectations for the end of the series in 2019. Surprisingly, the last season was the worst criticism harvested, and many fans were disappointed by how you ended the series and did not hesitate … Read more

Without fear of criticism! Vadhir Derbez responded to the attacks by the haters

What seemed to be a week of quiet in the life of Vadhir Derbez, be transformed in a complete uproar due to the offensive messages that the same was received. The actor I was completely excited for the premiere of his new film project “The Waiter”, in which plays a leading role. Related News The … Read more