Naomi Campbell is protected in the coronavirus with a controversial styling that has sparked the criticism in the networks

The supermodel british Naomi Campbell it has taken very serious measures to protect against the coronavirus and has chosen an option quite drastic to avoid any contagion to the time of travel by plane. The top model of 49 years, published this week a few photos on the social networks with the outfit as featured … Read more

Criticism, ‘The green wave (which is Law)’: Fight for the ones that are not, to win for the coming

Since the end of the dictatorship in 1983, more than 3,000 women have died in Argentina because of clandestine abortions, a tally that amounts to one a week. Others do not lose their lives, but they are stigmatized, mistreated, and criminalized by claim autonomy over their bodies. This is the reality that shows the documentary … Read more