Angelina Jolie, criticized for the education of their children: “it Seems like a commune hippy | Love 40

Angelina Jolie is confined in the mansion where resided the producer Cecil B. DeMille until his death in 1959 -which was bought by 23,5 M euros-, along with their six children. Maddox, the eldest, he was forced to return home from South Korea, the country where he studied Biochemistry at Yonsei University, after which he … Read more

After criticized dating, Millie Bobby Brown announces breakup with Jacob Sartorius

Just a few months ago, the actress Millie Bobby Brownof 14 years of age, was the talk by revealing that he kept a courtship with Jacob Sartorius. It was just last Valentine’s Day when the protagonist of Stranger Things announced his relationship with the boy two years older than her. Immediately, he was the victim … Read more

Halsey returns the slap to the people who criticized their outfits for SNL

Halsey addressed to the critics that the ashamed and told him he should wear more clothes after his performance on SNL. At the end of last week, January 25, Adam Driver he was host of Saturday Night Live, and Halsey was the guest musical. Halsey starred with Adam in a couple of skits (‘Slow’ and … Read more

Kendall Jenner is harshly criticized for her cover in Vogue

The entrepreneur, american, Kendall Jenner, is the model that has the salary highest in the industry, and is that from small when tena appearance in the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, was always a favorite. Since the incursion in the world of the catwalks, there are many magazines that have requested his presence … Read more

James Charles is criticized for not giving networks as promised

Tired of so much drama in your life, James Charles took the wise decision to take a break from the social networks by your well. However, the youtuber has received thousands of reviews by not fulfilling his word. In the video James Charles published few days ago in response to allegations of Tati Westbrookthe youtuber … Read more

Jennifer Lpez is criticized by internet users for these candid photos pos training

Jennifer Lpez is sinnimo of success, talent and beauty, if there is any doubt of this you only need to take a glimpse of his long career in film and music. Thus, the singer it has been the perfect example of the passage of time can be controlled from a very young age are kept … Read more

“It is not a great coach but a great businessman” – the player of The WTA criticized the coach of Serena Williams

The coach of Serena Williams, Patrick Mouratoglou, is possibly one of the best tennis coaches in the world. However, one of his former students accused Mouratoglou not to worry about their mental health and affect their family life. The former world number 15 Aravane Rezai began working with Patrick Mouratoglou in 2009. The French were … Read more