The colleague Jordi Cruz (MasterChef) who cooks for Letizia and Felipe VI at the Zarzuela

April 07, 2020 (20:17 CET) Almost always when we talk about cooking in Spain, we remember Ferran Adrià, Karlos Arguiñano or Jordi Cruznames that fill many hours of television and that all the world knows. However, in our cuisine, we have great chefs that are not so recognised and are also world-class. One of them … Read more

Jordi Cruz is not what I expected. “He is in the ICU”. The breaking news that hit the Spanish cuisine

31 march 2020 (20:25 CET) Are not good days for Spain and specifically for your kitchen, as a breaking news story left the ice cream to the top representatives. Jordi Cruz not what I expected and is really disturbing. Commissioned to immortalize the recipe for the fried eggs are an inpatient in the ICU and … Read more

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem make a donation mass of masks and gloves to a hospital in Madrid

Before the global crisis of the coronavirus any help is little to stop the damn curve of the infection and relieve the hard work of all the medical staff who day-to-day will leave the skin in hospitals all over the world. The “normal” people like me, and probably you, can not do much more that … Read more

I penelope Cruz without plucking! Caught (and do not imagine where it is): Look at the picture!

March 17, 2020 (19:59 CET) We are all exposed to suffer some sort of neglect, but in the case of artists, the risk is greater, since they have a large part of the time the camera lens on them. Penelope Cruz, who needs no introduction after making a career destacadísima as an actress and model, … Read more

“They found dead”. Jordi Cruz, MasterChef and the kitchen received the fatal news

March 14, 2020 (18:51 CET) The world of haute cuisine is in mourning. The best chefs in the world are dismayed by the news coming from the Uk. A information that has not gone unnoticed by the best chefs of our country as Jordi Cruz, David Muñoz or Ferran Adrià. According to reports in Great … Read more

“Is broke”. Jordi Cruz was on MasterChef. Famous of Spain hits bottom

March 13, 2020 (15:29 CET) MasterChef is put to rigorous now. Not only because in brief is the start of the broadcasts of MasterChef 8, but your version Celebrity. One of the contestants of the edition of famous is going through a hard time. He is Manuel Díaz El Cordobés. The bullfighter is going through … Read more

28 years in prison. Jordi Cruz, Pepe Rodríguez and Spain, in shock

March 06, 2020 (14:08 CET) Scandal Spanish Television. The news that he has walked the corridors of the public entity from the offices of the high fields up to the set of MasterChef. It has come to light worth requesting Tax Agency through Advocacy General of the State for the actors Tell me, Ana Duato … Read more