The fun song of a reguetonero cuban quarantine by the coronavirus from Cuba

The arrival of the coronavirus to Cuba has brought out the more aware and cautious of many cubans, but also has brought to the surface the ingenuity and imagination of some citizens by creating contents that speak about the pandemic. That has been the case of the singer of urban music Luis Alberto Vicet you … Read more

Natalia Barulich and Maluma are back together? – NEWSPAPER CUBAN

Showbiz The model shared her wish list for the 2020 and a little detail generated speculation on the part of their fans Posted 22 march, 2020 Natalia Barulich, model Croatian-cuban.(NATALIA BARULICH/INSTAGRAM) The model of cuban origin and Croatian Natalia Barulich has shared a message through his account of Instagram that called greatly the attention of … Read more

The cuban Envee dazzles Luis Fonsi with his interpretation of “The cat”, of Rocío Durcal

Another cuban managed to sneak in the second edition of The Voice US, also came in his hometown of Karelia Letsos, Emily Piriz, Geissie Torres, Brian Cross and Albin St. Rose, who already tried his luck in the first season of the contest of Telemundo. It is the young cuban lady Envee, who chose a … Read more

a cuban from Spain

The Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP) confirmed Monday the fifth case of coronavirus in the country: a cuban of 63-year-old from Spain. Besides being in the age of risk, the new patient also has a history of diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension, and heart disease. The man returned to Cuba from Galicia, on … Read more

Cuban sings to his neighbors in Spain during the quarantine period for coronavirus

The cuban Rafaela of the Charity, Santana Rodríguez, better known as Cachitahe joined also to the initiatives that are being lived in Italy and Spain during the quarantine by the coronavirusout to the balconies to sing and do a little bit more bearable this isolation unprecedented that they are living thousands of people. The young … Read more

Cuban proposes ideas of what to do if you’re bored during the quarantine for the coronavirus

The youtube and dancer cuban Kenny Alvarez has shared a video on his channel in which he proposes to his followers a number of ideas to do at home if you’re bored during the quarantine because of the coronavirus. Learn how to make creative photos with your mobile phone, to improve your level of game, … Read more

The cuban actress María Isabel Díaz kitchen cupcakes coconut to pass the quarantine for the coronavirus

The cuban actress Maria Isabel Diaz Lago he is facing confinement due to the coronavirus in Spain, the country in which it resides since some years ago, with the best of the positive energies. The artist is taking advantage of the free time to encourage their followers through the social networks to comply with the … Read more