“Stay at home”, the moving song by the coronavirus of a cuban artist from Spain

The cuban singer Katia Marquez, who resides in Madrid, Spain since the year 2005, has added to the constant message of awareness that have begun to circulate by all means of communication after having been declared a quarantine in the country to try to curb the coronavirus and he has done it the best way … Read more

Prospectus cuban the Yankees, the first player system MLB that are positive for the coronavirus

The young prospect cuban Denny Larrondo, New York Yankees, is the first player who gives the positive test of coronavirus in the world of Major League baseball, confirmed the Ball site Cuban. Larrondo, 17 years old, is currently isolated and receiving treatment. The player is evolving favorably, according to the release issued by the general … Read more

“Stay at home”, the song of a cuban musician with the quarantine by the coronavirus

The singer and songwriter known as Ariel from Cuba he released a song that seeks to encourage people to protect themselves from the coronavirus, as advised by the World Health Organization and health authorities of the most affected countries. “Hello, my people. This is my best contribution to the campaign #QuédateEnCasa against the coronavirus, with … Read more

Cuban shakes singing from a balcony in Italy in full quarantine for coronavirus

The cuban Diana Rosa Cárdenas Alfonso shook not only their neighbours, but thousands of internet users in the networks with his soulful interpretation of Cecilia Valdés from a balcony in Italy in full quarantine for coronavirus. The young man, who studied at the Conservatory Amadeo Roldán and took part in Cuba’s Teatro Lírico Nacional, wanted … Read more

The cuban actress Camila Arteche asks his followers to “not panic” by the coronavirus

The cuban actress Camila Arteche he asked his followers to “not panic” with the global pandemic of coronavirus and try to take advantage of the good thing about this situation, as they follow the indications of the authorities. “I already know that these are difficult times, but just follow the advice of the health authorities … Read more

Tahimí Alvariño celebrates his birthday surrounded by cuban artists in Havana

The popular cuban actress Tahimí Alvariño still celebrating even his birthday, which was at the end of February. The artist said in their networks that has many people close to us who have wanted to celebrate with her and her birthday has turned into a fun day. This week, Tahimí celebrated his 51 years with … Read more

The comedian cuban Javier Berridy get tattoos to San Lazaro in the back

The comedian cuban Javier Berridy he shared in their social networks several images of the tattoo that was just made. The artist is tattooed with an image of St. Lazarus on the right side of the back, with the tattoo artist Jhanko in Miami. “Happy with my tattoo of the Old Lazarus made by the … Read more

The cuban actress Luisa Maria Jimenez dedicates a lovely message to all women

The cuban actress Luisa María Jiménez has been added to the string of messages dedicated to the women who have flooded social networks in recent weeks on the occasion of the Day of the Woman. The artist has uploaded it to your profile Facebook a photo from Havana, in which she appears posing in the … Read more

Young acrobat cuban surprises with his risky number in Got Talent Portugal

A new cuban talent has become to make you feel in one of the programs of scout television’s most popular: Got Talent. On this occasion, the host country has been Portugal, who has opened the door to a young acrobat, a cuban named Milton Martinez. The artist of the circus surprised both the judges and … Read more

The sexy dance of Cuban Flex to celebrate the Day of the Woman to the rhythm of “Tusa”

The dancers cuban trio Cuban Flex wanted to congratulate all his fans for the International Women’s Day with a sexy dance to the rhythm of Tusathe megaéxito Karol G and Nicki Minaj. Tony, Yunior and Yanny became to raise the temperature in the networks, as they usually do with every one of his videos, full … Read more