Paolo Sorrentino, 4 curiosity, the Director of The New Pope

In anticipation of the new season in the series Sky Original of the Vatican and its secrets told, here are some things you may not know, to his Creator: the Oscar-winner Paolo Sorrentino of Paul Nice The New Pope: the new series from Paolo Sorrentino “The knowledge increases, the mystery,” said Bernardo Bertolucci. And, in … Read more

The NASA Rover, Curiosity, is a 1.8-Gigapixel Panorama of the surrounding area

NASA has left its Curiosity Rover, which is the greater Panorama of the Martian surface record. More than 1000 individual images, and the composition of the photo, made up of 1.8 billion pixels, and shows the present-day environment of the vehicle is on a slope of a mountain, Aeolis Mons, the crater Gale. As the … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence: 15 curiosity is surprising to you

Jennifer Lawrence: biography, film, friend, physical and other curiosities on one of the most popular Actresses. Jennifer Lawrence is a famous American actress born on the 15. august 1990. You need your glory to the great interpretations of various movies, but especially the participation in the saga of the Hunger Games The woman of undeniable … Read more

plot, cast and curiosity of the film with Jennifer Lawrence – Tvzap

The first night at An Italian film written, produced and directed by Darren Aronofsky, the Director of de The black Swan and Requiem for a dream Friday, 7. February, 21.20, about then to Italywill broadcast the thriller-horror, directed by the visionary filmmaker Darren Aronofsky Mother!a film in 2017, with Jennifer Lawrence in the role of … Read more