Reveal start of the history of the Yesterday’s Cut of ” Suicide Squad

With the excitement of the existence of the Yesterday’s Cut of Suicide Squadhave come to many revelations on the part of director David Ayer about what we have seen in his cut of the film. Now, the director shared that the tape originally had started with the origin story of Enchantress. David Ayer went to … Read more

Celebrities that have changed their look in quarantine: did Selena Gomez cut her hair? | Trends

During the last few hours, followers of the singer and actress have viralizado an image where apparently Gomez would have changed your look in a very radical. In this image shows Gomez with the ‘head shaved’, leaving behind his beautiful hair. However, it is believed that it is an image manipulated by publishers, although as … Read more

How Do Green Lantern? Ryan Reynolds to appear in ‘Justice League: Snyder Cut’

Prior to becoming Deadpool and earn the admiration of all the fans of Marvel, Ryan Reynolds had already played a super hero within the movies DC, but, contrary to what was expected, the film ended up being a big disappointment despite the fact that Green Lantern is one of the most beloved characters of this … Read more

David Yesterday about the possible release of their cut of Suicide Squad: “it’s Just not my decision or my intellectual property”

The “Snyder Cut” Justice League is every day closer to seeing the light of day, but what will happen with the “Yesterday’s Cut” Suicide Squad? That’s what some fans of the film centered on the Task Force X have been asked since it was announced that the version of Justice League Zack Snyder will HBO … Read more

Miley Cyrus hair cut, and delete a photo of Liam Hemsworth of their networks

Miley Cyrus hair cut, and delete a photo of Liam Hemsworth of their networks. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM Not only ended her marriage, and the love that they had, apparently, not even they want to know more of each other. As demonstrated Miley Cyrus, who gave a drastic turn in his life, cut the hair, and … Read more

“I’m going to rape and slaughter… and I’m going to cut the aorta while you’re sleeping”

Related news Hedvig Lindahl, portera Swedish Wolfsburghe complained in an interview to SVT Sports a regrettable fact that happened through the social network Instagram. The goalkeeper received a private message, where he was threatened of death. “I’m going to rape and slaughter and I’m going to cut the aorta while you sleep”, was the comment … Read more