Kate Beckinsale Dances Around In A White Top As Your Cat Shows Its ‘Summery’ Look

Kate kitty was rocking a headdress of flowers. Kate kitty was rocking a headdress of flowers. Kate Beckinsale and one of his beloved Persian cats, Clive, that celebrates the warm and sunny weather by listening to some music and showing off your summer style. However, while Kate looked like she was having a blast dancing … Read more

Seen and do not believe: Maribel Guardia 61 years old and she dances like Jennifer Lpez!

The actress costa rican-mexican Maribel Guardia est giving a lot of that talk in the last few das since, which has remained very active on social networks and has made several publications that have impacted millions of followers. With 60 years and a long career in the entertainment world, this actress, singer and presenter of … Read more

Miley Cyrus strikes again and she dances with scant clothing to his fans

Miley Cyrus strikes again and she dances with scant clothing to his fans | Instagram Miley Cyrus fell again to social networks to show coquettish movements with little clothing. Definitely the word quiet is not going hand-in-hand of the singer Miley Cyrus who seemingly kept himself in peace to his followers until he shared his … Read more

On his return to the music, Bella Thorne dances it sensually, using a body with shorts denim

As promised, Bella Thorne released a song unreleased by means of your account Instagrambut he did so with a video in which she dances very sensually, with which it has pleased all their fans. As for the track, it is a matter of style hip hop style Cardi B, which contains a lot of words … Read more

Jenna Dewan dances the choreography of Justin Bieber on TikTok

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Britney Spears dances a song of her ex Justin Timberlake and fans go crazy

The Princess of Pop she danced to the song of your former spouse while he was serving her quarantine at home 18 Apr 2020 12:57By: canalrcn.com The american singer Britney Spears managed to mark an entire generation since the decade of the 90’s, because without ever having met 20 years already it was a revelation … Read more

Britney Spears dances the song of her ex Justin Timberlake and he responds

Their break up was not amicable, but time has made become two former well bonded. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake have starred in one of the stories most commented on during the confinement in the united States. A few hours ago, the interpreter of Oops I did it again he shared with his followers a … Read more

Dances with Micho offers free classes through Facebook to encourage by the coronavirus

The dancer and choreographer professional Michel Valdes and Anays Gonzalez, directors of the popular dance academy cuban living in the city of Miami (Florida) Dances with Micho, have developed a beautiful initiative through social networks with the aim of encouraging people from their homes during the duration of the quarantine status due to the coronavirus. … Read more