Cardi B ensures that your life is in danger after show your support for Bernie Sanders

MEXICO CITY, APRIL 17, 2020 (AGENCY MEXICO).-Cardi B revealed during a live link in your account of Instagram, then last Tuesday he / she has a talk with Bernie Sanders, which strongly criticized Donald Trump, now fears for his life and that of your family. The singer said that at the root of that virtual … Read more

Friends of Marvel, stars and cameos of the series that went into the MCU – ROOM OF DANGER

These are the actors who came out at Friends and they had their chance in the MCU. Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel and Monica were very well accompanied for ten seasons, on which it might be the tv series most influential of the history. Friends was a machine of cameos only comparable to what is now … Read more

It is sadness all! The family of Rihanna is in serious danger. What about the end?

The family of Rihanna it was one of the many affected by the coronavirus. Ronald Fenty, her father was hospitalized after suffering serious complications. Today, things in the life of the singer they are quiet, but a few weeks ago went through a terrible torment, and that is that his father was positive in the … Read more

How John Cena is in danger? Reveal which characters of ‘The Suicide Squad’ will die

Currently, the movie recording is stopped because of the coronavirus, but this has not prevented the production to continue working on the film, since James Gunn is editing some scenes from their home and it seems that the script is also still in the process of writing, as it was revealed that John Cena and … Read more

I program in danger! “Jorge Javier Vázquez the strike.” You just know this

31 march 2020 (11:57 CET) Survivors in danger and it is not by the statements of Isabel Pantoja. “Jorge Javier Vázquez unemployment”, they say. Returns to talk about his possible termination by fault of the coronavirus. The The Foreign minister said that repatriaría to all spaniards who are in Honduras, among all of them are … Read more

You can be a carrier without having symptoms and there lies the danger

The cuban singer of urban music Yosdany Jacob Carmenates, better known by all within the showbiz as a Jacob Forever, has launched an alert message on your social networks after the troubling threatened to health posed by the coronavirus. The reguetonero has shared a publication that makes a call to all his followers to please … Read more

It’s in danger! Mhoni Seer predicts the death of a puerto rican singer, would it Be Ricky Martin?

Mhoni Seer has become to scandalize to the public opinion with their eerie predictions, alerting fans of a couple of renowned singers, as according to their vision, they could be in danger. According to the statements of the popular clairvoyant, during your participation in the program “Today”, a regrettable fact would happen, involving the two … Read more