David Guetta announces a concert some distance away, to the benefit of New York

There’s always a second time! The famous DJ French, David Guetta confirmed a good and noble news through their social networks. This Saturday, may 30 will perform a second benefit concert. This time he will do it in New York with the purpose of raising funds after the pandemic by the Covid-19. Yes, the artist … Read more

James Gunn talked about the possibility of launching the release of David Ayer ‘Suicide Squad’

Now that Warner Bros finally authorized the exhibition of the ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’, other directors also want the versions that were altered in their movies are released, among them the ‘Suicide Squad’, so that David Ayer is seeing the possibility that this happens, and given this fact, James Gunn spoke about Yesterday’s Cut. After … Read more

David Ayer shares the unusual image of Jared Leto in Suicide Squad

After the official launch of the Snyder Cut Justice League, have begun to emerge rumors about the alleged release of the version of the director of Suicide Squad (2016). And, although nothing has been confirmed, it seems that David Yesterday begins to emulate one of the favorite activities of Zack Snyder: share unedited images of … Read more

David Yesterday I wanted to that Suicide Squad will begin with the arch of the June Moon and Enchantress

Without a doubt, the 2020 is becoming a year too much of a surprise. While a pandemic has altered what we knew as “normal” and the cinematic experience has been completely transferred to households, and Zack Snyder got what seemed impossible: HBO MAX released in 2021 the Snyder Cut League of Justice – 41%. In … Read more

David Beckham uploaded a picture next to Emilia Clarke and swept the nets

David Beckham it has always been pronounced as a big fan of the tv series. In his time, confessed that his favorite series was Friends and fulfilled one of their dreams to meet Courtney Cox. Among other things, also proclaimed fan of Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds, and was even included in the teaser promo of … Read more

David Yesterday about the possible release of their cut of Suicide Squad: “it’s Just not my decision or my intellectual property”

The “Snyder Cut” Justice League is every day closer to seeing the light of day, but what will happen with the “Yesterday’s Cut” Suicide Squad? That’s what some fans of the film centered on the Task Force X have been asked since it was announced that the version of Justice League Zack Snyder will HBO … Read more

David Ayer reveals that Harley Quinn and another member of the ‘Suicide Squad’ ended up as a couple

The problem behind the greatest error of this production were not the fault (entirely) of David Yesterday, who had a completely different idea to what Warner Bros. I wanted to project, it seems that the production house doesn’t want to learn. In the end, we are not to criticize, if not to inform and the … Read more

David Bisbal offered to his followers as a coach, “online”

SHOWBIZ • 21 May 2020 – 09:00 AM Dressed in their sports uniform, and in the midst of a refreshing drink of water: thus he introduced the singer David Bisbal to his followers in his last publication of Instagram to defend the need to stay physically active during these times of confinement in domestic linked … Read more

It’s not only Snyder! The release of David Ayer ‘Suicide Squad’ will come out on a streaming platform

If there is something that can be remembered this movie is because get the job at the races is never a good idea. To date, the director David Ayer is still blaming Warner Bros. by rushing the script, which led to a bad result that the fans continue to criticize. The successes were minimal, but … Read more