“What bad taste!”. David Bustamante teaches the decor of your home. Check out the video!

May 12, 2020 (17:36 CET) David Bustamante it has been shown to be very participatory in the social networks during the confinement. The artist found a way to amuse and distract your audience with videos of all types. However, in that opportunity that he gave to his followers enter your home from the camera, could … Read more

The dark side of Rosanna Zanetti. “She is guilty”. And leaves very bad David Bisbal

May 12, 2020 (15:37 CET) David Bisbal is very happy. The almerian just communicated that in a few months will be a father for the third time, the second time with Rosanna Zanetti, his wife, and with whom they already have the little Matteo was born last year. However, it is not the only one … Read more

Pregnant. David Bustamante receives the news. And half of Spain congratulates the couple

May 11, 2020 (11:57 CET) David Bustamante is very happy about the news, as all of your friends. The singer decided to stay only with Daniella, for the moment, since his relationship with Yana Olina the wind in its sails and it has no children. However, there are others that continue to expand the family. … Read more

Antonio David Flores was not expected for her to appear. What loose everything. And gets into a Dew Flowers in a mess

May 09, 2020 (16:05 CET) The step of Dew Flowers by Survivors has awakened many ghosts from the past. As expected, the name of Rocío Carrasco it has been heard on more than one occasion on the sets Telecinco. And also in the magazines coated paper. In this sense, the young contestant, one of the … Read more

Antonio David Flores calla this psychological problem that Dew Flowers takes you on a secret

May 08, 2020 (14:55 CET) Yiya has become the ninth was expelled from the issue, however, has managed to close its chapter more stormy before you leave. Extremadura had an enemy intimate, Dew Flowers. During these months it has not stopped harassing and using derogatory comments to plunge her. This cost him a nomination to … Read more

And What About Henry Cavill? David Corenswet (‘Hollywood’), the perfect candidate to be the new Superman

After his last performance as Superman in ‘Justice league’ the continuation of Henry Cavill in the paper has been left in the air. And now it seems that many seriéfilos have found a perfect successor in David Corenswet, the young protagonist of ‘Hollywood’, the new series of Ryan Murphy for Netflix. This is not the … Read more

Justin Bieber scares David Beckham in the program of Ellen Degeneres

Exfutbolista David Beckham has recently looked at The Ellen Show, the program that Ellen Degeneres has on the american television talking about his new life after hanging up the vote and how he has taken his family, among other aspects. What I didn’t expect the british is all of a sudden the singer Justin Bieber … Read more

Celacos, David Janer, Raphael, Henry Cavill, Adele, and Kierkegaard

The timeliness of this 5th of may is marked in Facts of Today by the names of Grace and Maximum and for the political salvadoran Farabundo Martí. International day of celiac disease Ephemeris Such a day as today, in 1494, Columbus he discovered Jamaica, and in 1518, Juan de Grijalva the islands of Yucatan. In … Read more

exceeds in ‘likes’ to Chris Evans and David Beckham in the contest of the “most beautiful Face”

Editor: The Popular02 May 2020 | 20:55 h The actor Andrés Wiese has not stopped being news after news of its nomination in the international competition of the ‘Most beautiful face of 2020’. The peruvian artist competes with important figures such as Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, who comes surpassing the ‘Likes’ on … Read more

Chris Hemsworth and David Harbour are part of the new advancement of ‘rescue Mission’

The film will be premiered on Netflix this Friday, April 24th. Chris Hemsworth and David Harbour are part of the new advancement of Rescue mission. The service streaming unveiled this advancement, in which viewers will be able to see a conversation between the two actors. The images can be viewed below: Chris Hemsworth and David … Read more