The coronavirus in Spain leaves 769 dead in the last 24 hours, bringing the figure to 4.858

The coronavirus has already made in Spain 4.858 dead, 769 in the last 24 hoursbut this is not the largest percentage increase (by 18.8 percent), according to the latest report of the Ministry of Health. There are currently 64.059-confirmed cases, 4.165 patients are admitted in Intensive Care Units (ICU), while 9.357 are cured. In the … Read more

The best deals in DVD and Blu-ray: ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘James Bond’ and ‘Veronica Mars’

It is true that for the nth day of the quarantine, you begin to fear that there is nothing more to your future than the dances of TikTok and the talks of a House Party. Fortunately for you, Captain Offers has come other Friday more bargains more prominent on DVD and Blu-ray to make staying … Read more

Danai Gurira, Michonne in ‘The Walking Dead’, leaves the series with an emotional message

The character of Michonne in ‘The Walking Dead’ has evolved to become without a doubt, one of the main, achieving the respect and affection of a large part of the fans. However, the series continues to progress, and as already commented, the character left the series in this, the tenth season. It is for this … Read more

Spain surpasses China and are already 3.434 dead because of the coronavirus, 738 deaths in the last 24 hours

Spain already exceeds China in the number of deaths due to coronavirus and there are already three thousand 434 dead. In the last 24 hours have been registered in the Spanish territory 738 deaths, which represents a 27 percent higher than the Tuesdayand seven thousand 937 contagions more. In the last report of the sanitary … Read more

‘The Walking Dead’: Andrew Lincoln dedicated a moving song to Danai Gurira after her last chapter

On Sunday 22 march was a sad night for fans of ‘The Walking Dead’. It was the last time that we saw Danai Gurira to play one of the most important characters of the series, Michonne. His former team-mate battles, Andrew Lincoln has wanted to give a farewell to the height, singing a song very … Read more

‘The Walking Dead’ delays the emission of the end of the tenth season for the coronavirus

If yesterday was the news that projects such as ‘Supernatural’ would not be able to finish their seasons on the scheduled dates, today the same thing is happening with ‘The Walking Dead’. The coronavirus has also affected the production of the tenth season of the seriesthat was in post-production, and have announced that they will … Read more

AMC anticipates the premiere of “From another place” Is better than “The Walking Dead”?

AMC anticipates the premiere of “From another place” Is better than “The Walking Dead”? AMC it will premiere earlier than expected its new series of drama and mystery, “From another place”which could displace the spin-off of The Walking Dead of its preferential position in the channel. Jason Segel debuts new series for AMC “From another … Read more

‘The Walking Dead’: The hidden message from Rick to Michonne might expect the plot of the movies

Beware of SPOILERS! *This article contains spoilers of chapter 13 of season 10 of ‘The Walking Dead’ While the story of ‘The Walking Dead’ continues to unfold episode after episode, the franchise is beginning its preparations to expand beyond a base of full-length films. And so, in this tenth season, which is still in emission, … Read more

‘The Walking Dead’ pays homage to Michonne in the last chapter of Danai Gurira

Beware of SPOILERS! *This article contains spoilers of the chapter 10×13 of ‘The Walking Dead’ This Sunday has been a very sad night for fans of ‘The Walking Dead’. A year after announcing that the character of Michonne, Danai Gurira, would come out of the series, chapter 13 of the tenth season has been chosen … Read more

The famous poster of ‘The Walking Dead’ becomes a reality thanks to the coronavirus

The crisis of the coronavirus forcing the population to stay at home to try to curb the spread of this disease. From the beginning of this pandemic, comparisons have been made with films with subject matter that relates to the reality as ‘Contagion’. Now, the streets are empty that have allowed a fan to recreate … Read more