‘The Walking Dead: the World Beyond’ is also postponed its premiere by the coronavirus

‘The Walking Dead: the World Beyond’, the spin-off of the long-lived series zombies of AMC, it has been forced to postpone its premiere a few weeks as a result of the coronavirus. Date of premiere original was going to be the 12 of April, but as it has press release the series on his Twitter … Read more

‘The Walking Dead’: Norman Reedus suggests that soon it will be addressed in the sexual life of Daryl

The zombie apocalypse has not prevented many of the characters of ‘The Walking Dead’ have been able to enjoy their sexual lives, and even have children, but Daryl has not had the same luck… how far now? In an interview for Popcorn with Peter Travers, Norman Reedus shared the little information they had on the … Read more

‘Dead Set’ becomes reality: in the ‘Big Brother’ aleman know nothing of the coronavirus

Sometimes it gives you the feeling that everything that happens in the world already predicted before ‘The Simpsons’, but this time it overtook him a mini-series british of 2008, ‘Dead Set’, that, saving the distances, it portrays quite well the current situation and the contestants of ‘Big Brother’ German. While in the real world we … Read more

Dead, Mac Miller, the former boyfriend of Ariana Grande

Mac Millerrapper and 26-year-old and ex-boyfriend of Ariana Grandeis died on the 7th of September because of an overdose. Miller was a long time employee drugsince his relationship with the Great, which lasted two years, and finished last may. After a short “silence”, the singer reminded him with a photo (taken probably from her at … Read more

The death of a character in the last chapter of ‘The Walking Dead’ has been not so unexpected

The consequences of the pandemic of the Coronavirus have been stalled for the whole world but, although it sounds contradictory, ‘The Walking Dead’ follow-up. On the 15th of march, premiered the episode 12 of the tenth season and, in the absence of the other four to finish with this batch of episodes, we begin to … Read more

“They found dead”. Jordi Cruz, MasterChef and the kitchen received the fatal news

March 14, 2020 (18:51 CET) The world of haute cuisine is in mourning. The best chefs in the world are dismayed by the news coming from the Uk. A information that has not gone unnoticed by the best chefs of our country as Jordi Cruz, David Muñoz or Ferran Adrià. According to reports in Great … Read more

‘The Walking Dead’: Norman Reedus jokes with setting fire to the set of the shoot if they kill Daryl

After ten seasons in broadcast, it is normal that many of the actors and actresses that were from the beginning in ‘The Walking Dead’ have been gradually abandoning the series, as happened with Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, who opted to leave for a season the zombies to one side for spend more time … Read more

The team of ‘The Walking Dead’ made a final (and epic) prank on Danai Gurira

Although viewers still have not been able to enjoy the episode in which the actress Danai Gurira will say goodbye to his character in ‘The Walking Dead’, the interpreter takes months away from Michonne and the universe of the walkers. With the end of the season 10 closer, Gurira and part of the team has … Read more

X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Jennifer Lawrence has commented on the dead the film!

Jennifer Lawrence, one of the protagonists of the X-Men: Dark Phoenix, commented in an interview with the dead movie… MESSAGE of CHRISTIAN OGRISI — 10/06/2019 X-Men: Dark Phoenix it came in the halls of the world and Jennifer Lawrence in an interview, said that his on the death a character of the saga. Of course, … Read more